Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mendoza 1: Round 7

Last round, Trinity and Joey Mendoza tried again to have a child with Trinity's green skin. Soon their older twins, Glinda and Nessarose, were joined by another set of twins, Fiyero and Sarima. Meanwhile, Joey struggled to find time to make the friends he needed for his final job promotion.

Oh, no. I know what that look means...

Trinity: We're thinking of trying again...

You have four kids! Your youngest is a girl. Why aren't you people satisfied with this?

Joey: What difference could one more make?

You might want to ask Abigail and Rome Warner that question.

Trinity: She doesn't know what she's talking about...having more of you would be great.

Yeah, great for you. For me it would be a headache.

Well, at least the girls seem to be making friends. Maybe the matching clothes provided a conversation starter.

What happened to Valentine?

Nessarose: She had to go home for dinner.

Oh...did you like her?

Nessarose: She was ok, I guess. I still like playing with Glinda more. She's always here.

You guys didn't listen to me, did you?

Trinity: No...

Ok, it's your decision...

Well, maybe things won't be so bad once the second twins grow up. Happy birthday, dear Sarima...

Still a little cutie...

Sarima: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Fiyero...

And he's a handsome young man as well.

Fiyero: Thanks!

Oh, I guess it's a quadruple birthday! Happy Birthday, dear Glinda...

Well the outfit will have to change but otherwise, not bad. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Glinda: I want a large family!

Ok...wonder where you got that idea...

Happy Birthday dear Nessarose...

Not crazy about the top, but otherwise ok. What about your aspiration?

Nessarose: I want a life of pleasure!

All right.

And Glinda's lifetime want is easy enough.

Hmm, looks like the girls are finally getting over their shyness as well.

And how nice that there were two Levinson boys for them...

Looks like we've got some new couples!

Whew! And Nessa's lifetime want is easy too.

Let's check on the younger two...and they're bonding just as well as the older ones did. Everybody has a partner in this house...

Study session?

Trinity: Yup. I want to get as much of this out of the way before the new baby's born.

Good plan.

Hope she got everything out of the way. It's baby time.

Oh, for the love of...


Trinity: Well, it's a boy! Meet baby Boq!

Trinity: But I don't think we're done...

Of course not.

Trinity: We've got a girl too. Meet Melena.

Still no green baby? Out of 6 kids you'd think that one of them would have had your skin.

Ok, so Melena has gray eyes...

And Boq has blue. At least there's a difference.

So you two are still as close even with the new boyfriends?

Glinda: Yup.

Hmm, looks like Fiyero is checking out the ladies already.

Fiyero: Eww, no! Stream's just my friend.

For now, at least.

Yes! I guess the girls and Fiyero's socializing helped you out, huh?

Joey: Yup, they sure did.

Sarima: I got an A+!

Great job!

Fiyero: Me too!

Equally great job.

Uh-oh...we're going to need another nanny...

Or not. Darn.

Happy birthday, dear Boq...

Happy birthday dear Melena

Well, Melena sure is a cutie...

And Boq doesn't even need a makeover! This family seems to luck out with that, at least.

I love Melena's new look.

Joey: Come on, Melena. You can do it...

What about Boq?

Oh, I see Trinity's already taking care of that.

Trinity: Good boy, Boq!

I'm just going to assume he was walking even though I didn't see him in all the chaos.

Does it feel like you're repeating history with another boy/girl set of twins?

Trinity: A little bit. I slip up and call Melena Sarima quite a bit.

Believe me, I do too.

Sarima: Hi, Boq...

It's good to see you guys interact with someone other than your twin.

How they found time to skill in the midst of all this is beyond me...

Nice job, girls. I'll see you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Six kids and still no green baby. This house is like the Noah's Ark of the town. Everything happens in twos. Yes, Boq and Melena were cheesecake twins. I brought it on myself. I just didn't document the cheesecake this time. And this house has a very odd social system. All the kids are very close with their own twin, but have almost no relationship with any other sibling. Also, on another note, it should be mentioned that this is the one-year anniversary of Tranquility Bay! :-)


snarkysims said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats! The kids are very cute. I love Boq's and Joey's hair.

Rachel said...

Wooh 1 year!!! If Joe's skin custom? that could cause the green skin to not show up. I'm sure a grandchild will have it.

ciyrose said...

That is a crazy house of twins. What an interesting social hierarchy they have there. At least they all have their twin...a single kid would get lonely in that house.

Anonymous said...

Boq has to be the cutest one of the bunch as a toddler. Nessa runs a close second from when she was his age. Love those baby blue eyes on the boys!