Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Halpert 3: Round 7

Last round was certainly busy for Kiwi and Steve Halpert. Kiwi became pregnant yet again and gave birth to the couple's second set of twins-Holland and the family's only girl, Canada. The older twins, Mexico and England, grew to teenagers and prepared for college. Middle child Germany grew from a toddler to a child. Meanwhile, Steve drew a bad chance card at work but somehow managed to escape the firing.

Um, does someone want to explain why you two are eating cheesecake for breakfast?

Germany: It was leftover in the fridge.

Canada: Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.


All the yardwork tiring you out, Steve?

Steve: Well, we have a gardener but she's not doing a very good job. Half of our flowers are dead.

Canada: Mommy, Daddy, move! I can't see the TV!

They set such a good example, don't they? Sleeping through breakfast, pillow fights in the house...

Are you two still switching off days at home?

Kiwi: Not so much anymore. They're all in school now so no one needs to be home during the day. I don't see how Tangerine can do it with her kids being so little...

I don't see how Tangerine can do a lot of things.

Happy birthday, dear Germany...

Wow, that outfit is just unfortunate. But that's easily fixed. Now which aspiration would you like?

Germany: I want a big family!

All right...

Glad to see you two get along.

Canada: Yeah, but I don't think Germany likes us very much.

Don't take it too personally. He's a teenage boy. He's not supposed to like his little brother and sister.

Canada: I got my first A+!

Great job!

Holland: Me too!

Great job...again!

Look who's back. Come back to swim again?

Queens: No, I actually came by for something else...

And the most popular little girl in town finally finds a boyfriend! I think you two will work great together.

And Germany has a very achievable lifetime want!

Making toys?

Kiwi: Yeah. Life's just too dull now that the kids are older.

Don't worry. Soon there'll be a whole new generation of kids running around this house.

Canada: Mommy's been making toys all day! I think she's one of Santa's elves.

Holland: No she's not!

Canada: Then why is she making all those toys that aren't for us?

Holland: Maybe they are for us...

Canada: Why would we want to play with bricks?

Nice use of logic there, Canada.

Happy birthday, dear Canada...

And Holland...

Well, it's really not appropriate for the middle of winter but I guess it will do. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Canada: Yup!

And what about you, Holland?

Holland: Yup! I've got mine all picked out!

Great. Let's hear them!

Canada: I want to have lots of friends.

That's great. Now what about you, Holland?

Holland: I want a life of love!

(sighs) There's one in every group.

So are we going to college now?

Well, that's up to you. You can stay around for an extra week if you'd like to, but if you feel ready to go now I won't stop you either.

Canada: I think I feel ready.

Really? Let's see how you guys stand.

First up let's see for Germany...not bad, Germany.

Wow, can't argue with those results. You are ready.

What about you, Holland?

Holland: Well, if Canada's going I guess I'll go too.

Great. I'll see all three of you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Nothing too exciting here. Steve and Kiwi spent pretty much the entire week in a constant pillow fight. And of course we had to have the first romance sim of the round.


Rachel said...

Look at all those scholarships! Nice!

ciyrose said...

Great job on the scholarships. I'm still working on getting the kids more than the basics, good grades, dance and for having a top job.