Saturday, December 27, 2008

Warner 2: Round 7

Last round, Abigail and Rome Warner continued raising their children, Brooke and River. At the beginning of the week, Abigail gave birth to a third child named Ocean, who grew to a child by the end of the week. Later on in the week she gave birth to the family's second girl, Stream, who soon became a toddler. Meanwhile, Rome achieved his lifetime want of earning $100,000 by reaching the top of the natural science career.

Ocean: Want to go outside and throw water balloons?

River: Yeah!!

Just don't break anything, guys.

Abigail: Good job, Stream! You're such a big girl!

River: Eat water, Ocean!

Careful, boys....don't get too cold.

So you two are done with kids, right?

Abigail: Actually...

But you have an heiress! Stream is adorable! Why do you want to have more?

Abigail: But my lifetime dream is to marry off 6 kids. You can't marry off 6 kids when you only have 4.

Oh, right...I forgot about that.

Abigail: Come on, can do it...

Just don't trip over the bottle.

Abigail? What are you doing?

Abigail: I've been throwing up in the morning-I've had enough kids to know what that means. I know twins will be chaotic but it's the only way to get me my 6 kids to marry off.

Ok, at least you know what you're getting into.

Rome: Careful, boys. Don't hurt each other...

Ocean: We're not! We're just playing cops and robbers. I'm only pretending to be dead.

Happy birthday, dear River...

Hmm, not bad. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

River: I want to know everything!

All right...

Let's explore the ocean.


Time for a first date!

Temple Vega...this could work.

Ocean: I got an A+!

Great job!

Looks like things are going well for these two.

Happy birthday, dear Stream...

A very lovely young lady...

Stream: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Abigail: Hello, doctor, it's Abigail Warner. I really think something is going wrong with my pregnancy...well, I've been throwing up for almost three days but I'm not showing at all. What do you mean nothing's wrong? I've had four kids before. Something is not right here...Moving? How would moving help?

(One new house later...)

You were saying?

Abigail: Couldn't they let me get inside first?

Babies time!

Abigail: It's a girl! Meet baby Sea!

Oh, for the love of...Rome, go put on some clothes, please!

Rome: But I'm meeting my new child.

Well, you can meet your new child with pants on. Go.

Abigail: I don't think we're done yet...

Abigail: We've got another girl! Meet baby Bay!

Great! Two potential heiresses...

Abigail: We don't need to start the competition this early.

Good point.

Everybody all settled in?

Abigail: Yup. All moved in.

Great. Let me get some shots of the new babies.

Ok, so Sea has her mommy's skin but her daddy's could have come from either side.

And we've got another one with Rome's skin. Looks like she got her mom's eyes though.

Stream: Mom, why did we have to move so you could have the babies? I liked our old house.

Abigail: I know, Stream. I liked our old house too. But I would have just kept throwing up every day for who knows how long. Plus, we didn't really move. This house is exactly where our old one was.

See? I told you you could bond with the babies while fully dressed.

Happy birthday dear Sea...

She looks just like Brooke and River...

Happy birthday, dear Bay...

I can't decide who she looks the most like...the freckles are adorable, though.


Rome: Can you say "chair?"

Sea: No!

Ok, so everything is as it should be here...

I just realized I forgot to check River's lifetime want. Hmm, seems easy enough.

Um, didn't we do this already? Ok, let's explore the ocean again.

Big surprise...

Stream: I got an A+!

Great job, suddenly ignored middle child!

Looks like River finally cemented things with Temple!

Happy birthday, dear Ocean...

Wow, a halfway decent outfit. What aspiration would you like?

Ocean: I want a life of fun!


Calling the gypsy already?

Hmm, Brigid Rosada...I'll leave you two to get to know each other better.

Whew! An achievable lifetime want!

Glad to see you two are still bonding even though you've grown up.

Ocean: Don't tell Mom, but she's my favorite!

I'm not sure I can say the same...

Ocean: Mysterious voice? Can I ask you something?


Ocean: I know I'm supposed to go to college at the end of the week but...I'm not ready! My skills are nowhere near good enough, and Brigid and I have only had one date but she's really great and I want to have more time with her and...

Relax, Ocean. You can hang back for a round if you want. This round is a bit boy heavy anyway.

Ocean: Whew! Thanks, mysterious voice.

Besides, I think your parents will need the help with the girls.

Looks like River is ready, though. Nice job! I'll see you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, this lot turned out differently than I expected. I had forgotten about Abigail's lifetime want. I was planning to have Stream be the heiress. Of course, Abigail wanted to marry off 6 kids not 4. Then the glitch with the non-progressing pregnancy...I don't know what that was about. Seriously, she was throwing up for 3 days and never grew. The minute I moved them into a new house-bam-full bump and in labor in about 2 seconds. So this family is now on a Friday to Friday schedule because of the move.


Rachel said...

Temple!!! I hope Bridget gets in too. She's the only Rosada sister not in Prosperity Point

ciyrose said...

Bay is absolutely adorable! Her face is so precious, and the freckles just add to the cuteness. I can't wait to see her grow up.