Saturday, December 13, 2008

Halpert 2: Round 6

Last round, the Halpert house was bursting at the seams. Apple and Shawn's oldest girls, Idina and Rosario, grew to teens and soon the revolving door of teenage boys was in full swing. The family's only boy, Adam, grew to a child and Apple soon gave birth to their 4th child, Tracie. Now that Idina and Rosario have both gone to college, the house should be a little bit quieter. Hopefully.

You guys got a cat?

Apple: Tangerine sold her to us, remember?

Oh, right. It was nice of you to take the cat off her hands.

Apple: I feel so bad for her family, with all of her issues.

A bit more room now that the twins have left?

Shawn: Yeah. Tracie finally moved out of Adam's room.

I bet Adam's happy about that.

Adam: I got my first A+!

Great job! The extra space must have been good for you.

Looks like Adam brought home a friend. I think she's a bit too young for him, though.

Adam: Too young for what?

Never mind.

Happy birthday, dear Tracie...

What a cute little girl you are!

Tracie: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Tracie: Adam, what's school like?

Adam: It's ok. It's really boring though.

Working on your skills already?

Tracie: Uh-huh.

Shawn: Here, catch Adam!

Some father son bonding?

Shawn: I feel kind of bad for him-he's the middle child and the only boy.

Yeah, that has to be rough.

This is too funny...

Tracie: What? Jamie and me are watching TV!

Tracie: Mom, what's the capital of Oklahoma?

Apple: Um....Oklahoma City?

Lucky guess, Apple.

What are you two doing?

Tracie: We're trying to find out who these people are on our walls.

Adam: It's weird that we have all these pictures of people we don't know.

Any luck?

Tracie: No.

Did you two ask mom or dad before going online?

Adam: Um....

Don't worry, I won't tell.

You two like to watch TV together, huh?

Tracie: Yeah.

Well, that's one way to bond with your pets.

Happy birthday, dear Adam...

You're a very handsome young man, Adam.

Adam: Thanks.

Any thoughts on an aspiration yet?

Adam: I want lots of friends!

Ok, popularity it is.

Apple: Congratulations on growing up so well, Adam.

Adam: Thanks, mom.

Apple: I can't believe how big you guys have gotten. It seems like just yesterday the twins were born.

Weren't you originally going to leave it at the twins?

Apple: Yeah, that was our original plan. I'm glad we changed our minds though. Four is a good number.

Now that two of them don't live here, right?

Oh, come on Adam....

Tracie: I got my first A+!

Great job!

Plumbing problems?

Shawn: It's an everyday occurrence around here.

Wow, great job Apple! Was that your lifetime want?

Apple: No. My lifetime want is to reach my golden anniversary, so that will have to wait awhile.

I guess all that TV time really did work, huh?

Tracie: I love you, Jamie...

Making a snowman?

Tracie: Yup!

Don't you want gloves or something?

Tracie: Nope, I'm ok.

Alright, just come inside before you turn blue.

What the...ok nanny, what happened to you?

Nanny: I touched the electric reindeer in the yard.

Wow. Just, wow.

Well her skin is still a normal color, so I guess she's ok.

Tracie: I'll come in soon, I promise!

Nice job, Adam! I guess I'll see you at graduation, huh?

Adam: Yup!

All right then, I'll see you there!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Nothing too exciting here. I'm still trying to refresh myself on what all the different stories are after going for so long without playing/blogging. Tracie is so cute-I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. And she and the cat watched TV together every single day during the week. It was very funny.


Ziese52 said...

Tracie & Jaime watching TV was too cute. The reindeer almost took out the nanny. So close!