Friday, January 7, 2011

Beesly 9: Round 9


 Last round, Easter and Zachary Beesly's eldest son Zyrtec grew from a child to a teenager while their youngest Allegra grew from a toddler to a child. Meanwhile, the parents enjoyed being at the tops of their respective careers.

 (clears throat)

Zachary: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

Isn't that thing supposed to be Easter's reward? You have your own outside.

Zachary: Yeah, but playing pinball is more fun than making candies.

 Not feeling so hot?

Easter: I think I have food poisoning. Not sure where I picked it up, though.

 I'm not either. Maybe someone else's house.


Who you talking to, Allegra?

Allegra: My friend Florida.
Isn't she older than you?
Allegra: Only a little bit.

Oh, I see. Happy birthday, dear Allegra...

 Hey, your outfit! Anyway, have you chosen your aspiration?


 Allegra: I want a huge family!

We'll have to discuss the huge part, but ok! Family it is!

 And a career lifetime want, too. Allegra's going to be easy.

 Hmm...a Vega descendant and a Lancaster descendant together. I wonder what that would look like...

And I guess we're going to find out!


 Easter: Hey there, girl...

Oh, no. You guys have not had a good history with pets names Abbey...not to mention she's a wolf.

Easter: Relax, I'm not adopting her.

See to it that you don't!

  What are you two giggling about?

Easter: Oh, nothing. Just a funny joke I learned at work. 

Can I hear it?

Easter: You wouldn't get it. It's a gamer thing.


 Looks like Allegra's making some non-romantic friends too...

That is if her father doesn't drive them away by throwing water balloons at them!

And then poking them in the chest. What is with this family and being so mean to their children's friends and significant others?

 Allegra: Um, Mom, what are you doing?

Easter: I thought I'd sit down and have a chat with you.

Allegra: But I was sitting down here to do my homework before the bus gets here.

Let's hope this friend gets a better reception...

Allegra: We're going to stay outside.

Good plan.

Easter: Do things seem a bit...quiet around here lately?

Zachary: Yeah. You think we should get an animal or something?

Don't worry, next week Allegra will be back from college and things will get more exciting around here.


 Hey, looked who stopped by!

Zyrtec: Mysterious voice, where were you?

What do you mean?

Zyrtec: Zoe and I haven't heard from you since we moved in to our new house.

...Yes you did. I was there. You guys had a son.

Zyrtec: But nobody else knows who he is! When we showed up for the Christmas picture nobody knew where he came from.

Um....Hey, Allegra! Isn't it about time to get your scholarships ready?

 Very nice job. Now I must be on my way...I have something to attend to...

A Message from The Mysterious Voice:
And that's the first post of 2011! As one of the comments on the holiday post informed me I never blogged Zyrtec and Zoe's house in round 8. I have pictures from that house, though, so I'll either write a separate post and date it from the past so it's in the right spot in the archive or I'll include the round 8 pics in their post this round. Either way, it will be fixed. As far as this house goes, it was pretty uneventful. I don't know why Easter and Zachary seem intent on playing pranks on their children's friends, though.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling really confident that (which I'm assuming that Allegra and Flint will have kids) Flint and Allegra's kids will be adorable. Can't be sure about their skin tones, though. Brooke and Bryan's kids have their father's and Zachary's skin tones.

Julie said...

Yay for Flint x Allegra! Out of the dozens of First Kiss pictures, Flint and Allegra's, definitely one of the cutest/sweetest

Stephanie said...

I still can't believe how beautiful Allegra turned out to be. Given her father's genetics, I was really surprised that she turned out so pretty. I have really high hopes for her kids.

Sammie said...

I noticed something in Allegra's first picture as a teen. She's got her mom's nose! Usually I'n not too fond of it, but it actually makes her look even more beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I just hope their kids don't wind up orange, or looking too much like Zachary or Zyrtec. I love both of them, just not their faces too much. :]

That Kid said...

That was my comment on the holiday post! Yay! You saw it! :D