Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warner 3: Round 9


 Last round, Brooke and Bryan decided to try one more time to have a daughter. With 4 boys in the house already, it was not a decision to take lightly. Neither was Brooke's choice to consume cheesecake during the pregnancy. In the end, Brooke did end up giving birth to a girl as well as another boy-Willow and Birch were born during the middle of the week. Meanwhile, both Maple and Ash became children while Pine and Oak became teenagers and got ready for college.

 Nice new hairstyle, Brooke.

Brooke: Thanks. I figured just because she has a unique hair color doesn't mean she can't have it styled nicely.

The nice thing about this house is that everybody has a partner to keep them entertained.

 Brooke: Good boy, Birch! You're so smart!

You're doing pretty good being at home with them by yourself.

Um...let's inform the chief.



What are you doing, Willow?

Willow: Dance!

 Nice job, Bryan! You're almost there!

Ash and Maple: We're tired!

 Man, you two do everything in unison. Are you sure you're not twins too?

 Happy birthday, dear Willow...

...and Birch...


 Oh, that must be her genetic hairstyle. It's actually pretty cute...

As is Birch.

 Um, Brooke? Is there any reason you're wearing a swimsuit in the late fall?

Brooke: What? Our pool's heated.


Ash: I got an A+!
Great job!

 You too, Bryan. You guys are having a good day.

One set of twins meets another... 

 Happy birthday, dear Maple...

 Not bad. Now, have you chosen your aspiration?

 Maple: I want a life of romance!


 Just think, Bryan. It's the last time you'll have to do this.

Bryan: Until she moves home with her husband and starts having kids...

Willow: Yuck! Dad!

I think it's a little early to start thinking about that.

Glad to see you two making good use of your free time. 

Willow: Are you ever going to move?

 Let's go with aliens...

Nice! With all these kids the extra money is really handy.


 Nanny: Jello's ready.

Willow: But we're dancing right now!

Nanny: Whatever. I made food. I did my job.

Great child care there, nanny.

Congratulations, Bryan!

Bryan: Thanks!

 Oh, Maple...can't make my life easy, can you?

Willow: I got an A+!

(Holding applause for other twin...)

Birch: Me too!

Great job, guys!

Well, looks like Maple found a future...partner. Abby is an heiress, so it won't be just the two of them in a house. That's a good thing.


 Willow: Hi, I'm Willow.

Helvetica: I'm Helvetica. Aren't you hot in that? It's not even snowing.

Willow: No. Aren't you cold?

Looks like Abby is impressed with Maple so far. Let's hope it lasts.

 Happy birthday, dear Ash...


 Not bad, Ash. Now, have you picked an aspiration?

Ash: Yup!

Please tell me it's different from your brother's.

 Ash: Yup! I want a life of knowledge!

Ok, very doable.

And now Corey and Kentucky are here for some reason...and things are awkward.

Corey: Kentucky, what are you doing? She's married with 6 kids and we're in her house.
And look who dropped by. Ash, meet Harmonica.

Ash: You're really pretty.

Harmonica: You don't mind that I'm green?

Ash: Why would I? I'm orange, and my brothers, sister, and father are all blue.

And he has an easy lifetime want! One out of two isn't bad, I guess.

Having fun?

Willow: Yeah.

Just don't stay out too long. With your skin color I probably won't be able to tell if you get too cold.

 Looks like Ash and Harmonica are a done deal! Now get back inside, it's scholarship time for you and Maple.


 Not bad, Maple...

And Ash even got the dancing scholarship! I forgot that even existed.

Ok, with that out of the way it's time that I moved on. I'll see Ash and Maple at graduation and everybody else next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This lot got significantly easier once Birch and Willow became children. They pretty much kept themselves entertained all week-I spent most of my time focusing on Maple and Ash. Maple's going to be spending a lot of time gardening once he finishes college...


Anonymous said...

By looking at Brooke in the picture where she was in her swimsuit, you might want to buy her a treadmill.

Michelle said...

Yay for Ash and Harmonica! I was starting to worry about her.

Laila said...

I really can't decide who's cuter: Willow as a child, or Pine as a toddler.