Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vega 3: Round 9


Last round, Temple continued to pursue her goal of raising and marrying off 6 children. Her oldest, Meter, grew to a child and she gave birth to her second child, Centi. Meanwhile, River achieved his lifetime want of reaching the top of the medical career. At the end of the week, Temple was showing signs of being pregnant for a third time.

Hey, guys!

Temple: Hi, mysterious voice.

How did Centi get out?

Temple: She must have scaled the crib. Her birthday can't come fast enough.

Meter: Mom, can this new baby be a boy?

Temple: I don't have any control over that, honey.

Yeah, unfortunately apples and watermelons have no effect here.

Temple: What are you talking about?

Never mind...

Happy birthday, dear Centi...

Wow, you look exactly like your great-grandma.

Centi: Um...thanks.

One grows up, one more on the way.

Temple: Good timing, I guess.


Play nice, you two.

Meter: It's ok, we're just pretending to fight.

Alright, just don't punch too hard.

Um...why am I seeing a nanny and a fireman?

Fireman: Standard "Baked Alaska" incident...

Hmm...seems I would have taken a picture of that.

Happy birthday, dear Meter...

Horrible outfit, but otherwise not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration yet?

Meter: Yup!


Meter: I want a huge family!

It's too bad siblings can't count towards that, because it's baby time!

I see purple! That must mean it's a girl!

So what's her name?

Temple: We're calling her Milli.



And she's another blonde!

Hmm...a family sim who wants to be an education minister. That sounds familiar...

And thankfully, we get to skip the gypsy this time because you two knew each other as kids.

That didn't take long...


Um...let's go with pro control...

Oops. I'm having terrible luck with the chance cards this round.

Don't you two want to go inside?

Centi: Why? The water won't hurt us.

Yes, but the lightning will.

Uh-oh...I know that look.

Temple: Well, I'm halfway there at least!

I hate to break this to you, Temple, but you're technically only a quarter of the way there. Once you have the 6 kids, you'll be halfway there.

Temple: You just love to burst my bubble, don't you?

Let's meet the intern...


Well, I guess that could be helpful.

Sorry you had to earn the promotion again, Temple.

Temple: That's ok. I already earned the bookcase reward-that's all I was really worried about.

Centi: I got an A+!

I guess everybody had a good day. Great job!

Happy birthday, dear Milli...

It's like Centi and Meter combined! She's got Centi's face but Meter's skin and hair.


Nice makeover, Temple.

Temple: Thanks. There's only certain hairstyles that work on our girls.

Don't worry-if Kalliope and Rome were any indication, they'll grow into those cheekbones.

Is this what it looks like?

Temple: Yeah, probably...

Number 4 is on the way!

Temple: Yup.

River: I don't know how you're doing it, Temple. You've been pregnant for almost 95% of our marriage.

Temple: It is starting to wear on me. But it's not like I could really take a break-I'm not getting any younger.


Why are you up here all alone, Milli?

Milli: Stairs!

Poor kid. No matter where they leave her, she's trapped.

River: I'm sure you're going to do great at college, Meter.

Meter: Thanks, Dad. I'm not too worried. I've even got some scholarships lined up already.

Baby time...again!

Just one more...


I see green! It's a boy! What's his name?

Temple: We're calling him Inch.

Oh, so we're moving away from the metric system.

Another blonde. You'd think that River would pass his brown hair on to at least one of these kids.

One more is born, one grows up. Happy birthday, dear Milli...

Yup, her sister's face and her brother's hair.


Man, you weren't kidding, Meter! Great job!

Meter: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Ok, then. I guess I should be on my way. Meter, I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round.


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I know. This house isn't helping with the population control. But Temple's lifetime want combined with the genetics in this house makes it too hard to not make them have a bunch of kids. Now I just need to find townie teenage boys for the rest of the girls due to age up this round...


Anonymous said...

I love how Milli's cheeks are smoothening out as she grows. Meter is very handsome, and I think Centi is still adorable.

Milli Fan said...

I find it really funny how Rivers' brown hair is the recessive gene in this family.

Paige said...

This has got to be one of my favorite homes, especially with the genetics.