Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vega 1: Round 9


Last round...wait a minute, what did happen to these guys last round? Some of you more astute readers may have realized that this family isn't included in the list of posts for round 8. Their post isn't in my blog archive either-so apparently I forgot to blog these guys last round! Oops. So, judging by the pictures that I have from round 8, here's what you missed.

Begin Round 8 Recap:

Lexus moved home with her finace Trent Mendoza. They got married, and Lexus took a job in the education career.


Lexus became pregnant, and of course her mom Aracely, being a family Sim, served her some cheesecake.

So when it came time to have the babies.....

Lexus had two little boys, Ford and Volvo.

Meanwhile, Trent opted to remain unemployed to pursue his dream of raising 20 puppies and kittens. He adopted 2 dogs, Camry and Focus.

During the week the dogs had 2 puppies, but not together.

First came Escape...


Then came Forrester.


By the end of the week the boys were both toddlers....


 And completely in love with the dogs.

End Round 8 Recap

Ok, now that we've gotten that taken care of....on to round 9!

See? Toddlers in love with the dogs.

Volvo: Camry, stop!

Hi, Aracely.

Aracely: Well, if it isn't the so-called omnipotent voice who forgot to tell everyone about us last week.

Yeah, sorry about that. Um...can I ask why you're outside with the creepy, glowing wolf?

Aracely: Ugh, with Trent and his stupid animal wish, we're trying to attract all the strays we can find around here.

You do know he wants to raise 20 animals, right? Not just befriend them?

Aracely: Raise them? Lexus, that husband of yours is nuts.

Well, looks like he's gotten 1 out of 20 so far.


Hey, what's Kia doing here?

London: I invited her over.

Ah-ha...I see.

London: It's less painful to give them away to people we know instead of just giving them up for adoption.

(Yawn). Bixby Rabbit.


Looks like it's birthday time again...Happy birthday, dear Ford...

And Volvo...


Well, a trip to the mirror is needed but otherwise, he's quite a handsome young man.

And so is Volvo, despite having the "Mendoza" nose.

Ford: Grandma, do you ever wish you weren't blue?

Aracely: No. I used to, but then I had this dream where I wasn't and when I woke up, I was just so happy to have my own skin back.

Yeah...a dream. Let's go with that.

Nice going, Aracely.

Aracely: Thanks!


Uh-oh...another puppy grown up. That means...

Another puppy given away! I wonder who the lucky person is...

Trumpet Levinson! Who needs a new shirt...

Trumpet: This sweater must have shrunk in the wash...

You guys don't even do laundry.

Baby number 3 on the way?

Lexus: I guess so!


Oh, and it looks like there'll be babies of multiple species around here...

Ford: I got an A+!

Great job! Love the new hair by the way.

Volvo: Me too!

Great job to you too, Volvo.

And surprise, surprise. Look who came home with there a kid in this town you haven't come home with, Granite?

Granite: I don't think so...

London: Focus! Bad girl!

Hey, go easy on her London. She's pregnant.

London: All the more reason why she needs a bath.

Oh,'s baby time!

Human baby time, that is...


Lexus: We've got our girl!

Wow, you lucked out. I thought we'd be in for a long boy spurt. What's her name?

Lexus: We're calling her Honda.

Hmm, I can't tell who she looks more like.


Man, that was fast. Happy birthday, dear Honda...

Looks like she's got the Vega nose, but the Mendoza eyes and chin.

Love the new hairstyle on her, by the way.

Lexus: Thanks!

And now it's puppy time!


And it's another girl! Meet little Milan!

So how does it feel to have another grandchild?

Aracely: Oh, just wonderful. I'm glad that Lexus finally has an heiress, though.

Believe me, I am too.

And we'll leave on just one more adorable toddler-with-puppy picture...

And thankfully, these two have made it through the week.

Aracely: What are you talking about? Made it through the week?

Um...never mind. I'll see all you guys in round 10!


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So...yeah. Either Blogger ate the post I made about these guys last round, or I just forgot to blog them. And this lot had a little bit of a hiccup at the beginning, as I discovered that I had accidentally deleted Aracely's skintone! Thankfully, I hadn't emptied my trash on my computer and was able to dig back through and find it-but let me tell you, after seeing her with blue skin all this time, she looks downright strange with normal light skin.


Rachel said...

I like how the puppies even have car names. I'm sure glad you found Aracely's skintone again. It's hard to imagine her "normal". Also glad she made it through the round.

Anonymous said...

Are Trent and Lexus going to have any more kids? Because I think Mercedes or Porsche would be cute name for girls. :]

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like Ford got Kalliope's hair!! That sure was a recessive gene! Strange, since almost everyone else in his family is brown-haired!