Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beesly 2: Round 9


 Last round was full of both joy and sorrow for the Beesly house. July continued to raise her son, November and gave birth to a second son named March, while trying to start her lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens. Unfortunately, the only interaction between Sweets and Fireball was hostile, and Mifflin passed away in the middle of the week. But Grimmy didn't go far, as he soon returned to claim Rhys as well.

Hi, March. How's the cat breeding going?

March: It's not. The cats still don't like each other. Mom says we have to make sure there's always two bowls full so they don't fight. 

Unfortunately, they will probably still fight over one of the two bowls.

 Looks like November has been making good use of his time...

Gee, this seems familar-two cats constantly hissing at each other. These guys and the Halperts should form a support group or something.


 She's not seriously going to try and adopt 20 individual kittens, is she?

Care to explain?

Roger: Well, the older cats won't attack her because she's so little. Hopefully, by the time she grows up, she'll like Sweets enough that they can breed. 

I see...any reason for the funky spelling on the name?

Roger: No, just wanted to be unique.

 Uh-oh...I know that look!

 July: I don't feel so good...

At least your...stomach flu hasn't affected your job performance.

July: Thanks.


 As I was saying...

July: Well, we do need to have our female heiress....

Seriously? All the stuff that's in their yard and that's what attracts the lightning?

 March: Dad, I have to write a report about my family. Did you and Mom both grow up here?

Roger: Well, your mom did. I grew up somewhere else. I don't exactly remember where...

I do!

March: Did you have any brothers or sisters?

Roger: Yeah, a ton. In fact, I'm a twin.

March: Really? So does that mean the new baby in Mommy's tummy might be twins too?

 Roger: You never know.

Um...let's be direct. Front doors.


 Fail to see why that was the cat's decision, but whatever....

Happy birthday, dear November...

Hmm, very nice. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Roger: I want lots of friends!

Great, there will be plenty of opportunity for socializing with the 34 others in your graduating class.

Looks like it was a good day for March, too.

March: I got an A+!!!

Great job!

 Oh, look. He made a friend, too...that looks almost exactly like him.

March: I like your hair.

George: Thanks, I like yours too.

 Looks like it's baby time!

Or babies time. I guess Roger's twin gene kicked in.


July: We've got a girl! Meet baby January...

 Great, we've got an heiress...

July: We're not done yet!

Of course not... 

July: We've got another girl! Meet February!


 And January pretty much inherited everything from her dad...

And even though February is asleep, I think I see some grey eyes under there...


 What? Already? She hasn't interacted with Sweets at all...

Oh, great...let's throw some money away on the gypsy...

 (Sighs) It would work out if she wasn't already matched up with Nutmeg...but at least making friends with her will help November out since he's a popularity Sim...

And November has an easy lifetime want!


Looks like we're trying with a male kitten this time... 

July: Thanks for coming over. I just can't get them to like each other.

Animal Control Officer: In my opinion, maybe you should have gone with dogs.

 Um, isn't taking the kitten to work with you kind of defeating the purpose?

July: But he's so cute! I want to show him off!

And another new friend for March...hmm, this could work out well.

March: What are you talking about?
Never mind...

And yet another birthday! Happy birthday, dear January...


 And she's a splitting image of her dad!

Happy birthday, dear February...

And she lucked out in the hair department! 

Way to go, November! I'm glad somebody's remembering to take care of the garden.

March: Can you please be nice to Fireball and Wynter? Please?

March, you're supposed to leave the cats alone together, remember?

March: I know.

 Sorry about the whole cat breeding thing not working out.

July: That animal control guy was right. We should have gone with dogs.

Looks like we're wrapping the week up on a birthday. Happy birthday, dear March...


 Nice. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

March: I want to know everything!

Great, round 9's first knowledge Sim!

 Of course March won't be going to college until round let's see how November did. Not bad, November. I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: After this house and the Halpert house, I can safely say that I hate Sim cats! All they do is fight! And since I can't control them, I can't do damage control. And yes, January and February are natural twins. I blame Roger's twin gene.


Rachel said...

I agree with the Animal Control Officer, you should have tried dogs. I have a heck of a time getting cats to breed too.

Jamie said...

January's her Daddy's girl all right. Good thing he's got a good face for baby-making.

Anonymous said...

January looks like her dad facially, but do I see a pair of pointy little ears?

Amanda said...

It might be a bit late for this, but I've got a trick for getting cats to breed. If you encourage them to the top of being playful, you can actually command them to play with another cat, regardless of whether that cat actually belongs to the house or if it's just a guest. And, of course, playing gives the cats a boost to their relationship instead of a penalty.

Paige said...

My cats always fight too! Anyway, the twins are cute; I guess March was right!