Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halpert 3: Round 9


 Last round, Canada Halpert moved home after college with her boyfriend Cinnimon Levinson. Everything went well at first, until Canada discovered she was pregnant and Cinnimon had a less than favorable reaction. This didn't sit well with Canada, or her parents Kiwi and Steve. Baby Peru was born in the middle of the week, and by the end of the week Canada was pregnant with her second child.

Canada: Come on, buddy. Let's get you into bed...

How's the pregnancy going?

Canada: Oh, it's almost over.

I guess so...It's baby time!

One more on the way...

Canada: It's a girl!

Awesome! What's her name?

Canada: We're calling her Italy.

And she's a little redhead! Great-Grandma Olivia's hair is showing up! 


Um...what are you doing?

Steve: Argh! I be a pirate!

Ok...I'll just be going into the other room now...

Enjoying the new grandchild?

Kiwi: Well, since Canada went back to work and Cinnimon can't seem to get himself out of bed, I'm on baby duty most of the time.


I see Cinnimon can get himself out of bed for a pillow fight, though.

Steve: Um, can you guys move? I can't get Italy back to her crib.

(Clears Throat)

Cinnimon: Can I help you?
Yes. You can tell me who this is. 

Cinnimon: If you must know, this is Ivy. 

And why is Ivy here?

Cinnimon: Because I invited her over on a date.

This Romance Sim drama is giving me a headache... 

Let's meet the intern...


 Way to go Canada!

 Canada: Thanks!

 Just to let you know, the mother of your children just got home. 

Cinnimon: I know, I know. I'm just warming her up.



 Happy birthday, dear Peru...

Ow! What's with all the painful age transitions this round? Still, he's a cute little guy.

 Oh, it's Italy's birthday too. Happy birthday dear Italy...

 Aww, she's got a lot of Levinson in her.

 What's this? You're teaching her to walk?

Cinnimon: Yes, I wanted to.

You...wanted to. You never wanted to help out at all with Peru.

 Cinnimon: Well, it's different with Italy.

Cute toddler shot #1...


 Not feeling well Canada?

Canada: Ugh... 

Well, I guess that explains why.

Canada: But we were so careful! 

WooHoo can be risky...

 Um, Cinnimon, you may want to break this up. Your son is about to get off the bus...

Peru: I don't know who that lady was! Why was she kissing Daddy?

Don't cry, Peru...


 Now I can see the pregnancy.

Canada: It must just have been that tight top I was wearing before.

 Peru: Mommy, why is that lady always at our house?

Canada: I don't know, honey. There's always extra people around here. We all bring friends home from work. I lose track of them. Now let's tackle that homework...

Cute toddler shot #2...I'm sorry, she's just too adorable. 

 Kiwi: I don't know how you can just pretend that it's ok that Cinnimon still lives here.

Canada: I think he's coming around. He's been so helpful since Italy grew into a toddler.

Kiwi: I just hope that he's just as helpful with the new baby.


 Who should be here any minute now!

Now she's dropping off presents. At least it's small...maybe Canada won't notice. 

Oh, and scented letters....

Cinnimon: Let's just tuck that away...

 Looks like it's baby time...again!


 Just one more...


Canada: It's a boy! Meet baby Hondouras.

Cute name!

And of course, like clockwork...

Peru: I got an A+!

 Happy birthday, dear Italy...

Wow, now that she's bigger she is all Levinson. Maybe that's why Cinnimon actually wants to interact with her.

Sing, please...



 Some before-school red hands?

Italy: Yup!

 Italy: There are so many leaf piles!

I know, it never really snowed during the winter so they never went away.

 And yet another birthday...happy birthday, dear Hondouras...

 And he's a cute little guy too...

 So, I take it that Cinnimon wasn't as gung-ho about teaching him to walk.

Kiwi: Italy is clearly his favorite. I guess I should be thankful that he takes care of one out of three.

Italy: Daddy, who is that lady who comes over here?
Cinnimon: She's just my good friend, honey.

Italy: Isn't Mommy your good friend?

Cinnimon: Um...yes. Yes, she is.

 Yeah, just try to explain it to the kid you like. 

And now I must be on my way. I'll see all of you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: More Romance Sim drama! Italy really is Cinnimon's favorite. The second she became a toddler, he had wants to teach her all 3 toddler skills. He had zero wants to interact with Peru or Hondouras at all. Truthfully, she's my favorite too. I love when recessive genes show up.


Rachel said...

Italy sure is pretty. Poor Peru seeing his dad cheat. You are very ambitious naming the youngest Hondouras. I would have a hard time spelling that one right all the time.

ciyrose said...

Italy really is all Levinson....she's cute, and I love the red hair. These crazy sims...especially romance ones. Funny how he had such an obvious favorite.

Anonymous said...

It's almost funny how it makes me mad seeing Cinnimon be such a good father to Italy and then...... this aspiration kicks in.