Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warner 1: Round 9


 Last round, Dot Warner and her boyfriend Holland Halpert moved back in wit Destiny and Eric after completing college. Holland, being a romance sim, immediately began laying the foundation for chasing his lifetime want of WooHoo-ing with 20 Sims. He also displayed some rather inappropriate affection for Dot's older sister Angelica and for her mother. Dot, oblivious to this, began chasing her own dream of becoming Captain Hero while also giving birth to a daughter, Elmyra. Meanwhile, her parents continued to work towards Eric's lifetime want of having 50 dream dates.

Holland, step away!

Holland: What? I was just complimenting her on her new dress.

I've got my eye on you, mister.


 Ugh, I have too many other things to worry about on this lot. Bixby Rabbit...

 Oh, darn. He'll be promoted back up in a day or so anyway.

 Again, Holland...step away!

 Holland: What? She's not related to Dot at all. 

Unless "she" is Dot, I'm never going to be ok with this.

Sorry about the demotion, Eric.

Eric: That's ok. It's actually nice to not have so many responsibilities at work right now. I'm needed around here more.

How's Elmyra?

Eric: She seems fine for now. I just hope she never gets word of what her father's been doing. 

Have you...gotten word of what her father's been doing?

Eric: I saw Angelica's new daughter, Valley. It doesn't take a genius to see how closely she resembles Elmyra. I can't seem to figure out how to bring it up with Dot, though.

You could just wait until Thanksgiving when they both bring identical daughters to dinner.


 Nice! So, you're one step closer to your lifetime want, right?

Dot: Yup.

Good...very good.

Happy birthday, dear Elmyra...


 Aww, she's still cute.


But apparently she's very angry...Elmyra, care to tell me why you're beating up the bear?

Elmyra: Daddy kissed Mommy!
But...isn't Daddy supposed to kiss Mommy?
Elmyra: But he's cheating on Aunt Angelica!

....How on Earth do you know that?


Jill: You'd better be nice to me. I could be your new step-mom.

Elmyra: mommy still lives here. My parents aren't divorced.

Trust me, Jill. With Holland's ideas about marriage, you're not going to be anybody's new step-mom anytime soon.


 Well, well, well. Look who's trying to be a good father.

 Holland: What? I'm a great father. She's still alive, isn't she?

Yes, truly the mark of a great parent is being able to keep a child alive.

Oops, sorry Eric. Got you confused with Steve Beesly there.

Eric: That's fine. We do kind of look alike. 

And I now return you to your incredibly awkward breakfast...



 Holland: I'm not getting any younger, you know. And I'm only on number 3...

 Do you have to do it here? Your kid will be home in like an hour...


Blow whistle Dot...




 So, you're like...really happy now, right?

Dot: Yes. 

Like, really really happy?

Dot: Yes. 

And by any chance are you afraid of...I don't know...catching Holland with somebody else?

Dot: No, why? reason. 

 Eric: Just who do you think you are, anyway? I have half a mind to go find my daughter and tell her what I saw you two doing out here...

Don't bother, Eric. Holland is just stupid enough to blow his own cover. Really, I had nothing to do with this... 


 Dot: How could you? How many other women have you been with?

Holland: Ow! That was my face!

Dot: You're lucky that that's all I did!


Elmyra: I got an A+!

 At least something good is happening around here...


 Venice: I think it's terrible what he did, but...why did you call me over?

Well, I told her to. I figured you knew a thing or two about breaking up families...

Venice: I keep telling you, I don't know what you're talking about.


 Congrats on the promotion, Eric.

Eric: Thanks.

You look oddly happy considering what's going on...

Eric: I'm just happy someone slapped Holland across the face.

 Let's try this again...Bixby Rabbit.


Oh, no...

Holland: Yeah, things have been pretty rough. I can't really have anybody over, you know, and I get kind of lonely...


 Eric: So, do you understand why Mommy is so mad at Daddy?

Elmyra: Yes. Because Daddy brought that other lady over here. It's only OK when he goes over to aunt Angelica's house.

 Eric: No, Elmyra. It's really not ok when he does that either.

Elmyra: I'm confused.

Don't worry, Elmyra. So am I.


 Ok, now I'm not confused anymore. I'm just slightly revolted.

 Holland: Say, you must be tired after that long shift. Why don't you call it quits early and come out back with me...


Wow, look good considering your ex-husband died of old age this round.

Gigi: Bitterness keeps you young, you know.


 So you two are still plugging away at the dates?

Eric: We're up to 30!

Great...but should you really be dating in front of Elmyra?

Destiny: Hey, she has to see what a healthy relationship looks like. 

This is true.


 Holland: Huh...what do you want, Andre? What are you talking about? She's your kid, dude. Of course she is. I don't know why she called me "Daddy" the other day. Maybe you just need to stay at home more.

 Ok, and on that note I think it's time for me to make my exit. I'll see this little soap opera again next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Man, this lot was confusing! I didn't realize until I got back to this lot that Holland actually had a child with both Angelica and Dot and that this would be a problem. Elmyra can now not stand to see her father kiss anyone-even if Holland kissed Dot, she cried because she saw that as him cheating on her aunt. Destiny and Eric freaked, too. And no, I didn't make Holland kiss Jill in front of Dot. He really is just that stupid and did it on his own.


Rachel said...

Stupid romance sim! The whole cousin and half-sister thing is confusing. I loved, "What? I'm a great father. She's still alive, isn't she?" too funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping that Elmyra or Valley will come home form school with the other so Holland and Angelica are BUSTED! And the part that's really sad is that they can't call each other cousins, they're half-sisters.