Saturday, September 4, 2010

Levinson 1: Round 9


 Last round, Queens Levinson moved home from college with her fiancee Germany Halpert. The two were soon married and Queens became pregnant with twins Austin and Dallas.

 Glad to see we've given the boys new hairstyles. Now I can at least tell them apart.

Yawn. Giant Robot...

What? Giant Robot is always the right answer!

 Yawn again. Bixby Rabbit...

What this opposite day or something?
Germany: Guess what, Austin? You two are going to be big brothers soon!


Wow, I guess so!

Taking up a new hobby?

Queens: I went over to the Schrute house the other day, and they had these amazing flowers all over the place. The second I walked in, I swear I was in a better mood just from smelling them. I need to learn how to make those for myself.

Congratulations, Olivia. Sorry you had to earn it back.

Olivia: Oh, that's ok. It's always nice to get the bonus again.

 Uh-oh...well, we all knew this was going to happen sooner rather than later. She's an original founding adult...

 Bye, Lisa!

And for the record, this is what you see when the hula skirts disappear before the zombies do.


 Well, what better way to move on after a death than a birthday party? Happy birthday, dear Austin...

 Ow! That looks painful for everybody.

 Happy birthday, dear Dallas...

 Looks like Dallas aged up more normally. Both boys are very handsome.

And it looks like you guys won't be without little ones for very long!

Queens: Funny how the timing works out, huh?


Have a good first day of school, guys! 

So how did it go?

Austin: Ok, but it was so boring!

Well, thankfully being a twin means you've got a playmate always ready.

And it looks like there's another one on the way!

Or another two...


Queens: It's a girl! Meet Albany!

 Cute name.


Queens: Another girl! Angeles!

Oh, like Los Angeles. I get it.


 You guys must be twin veterans now. And I see Germany is still walking around in his pirate suit...

Germany: I like my pirate suit.

 Ok, time to figure out the differences between the twins. Angeles has brown hair and brown eyes...

And Albany has brown hair and gray eyes. At least there's a difference.


 Dallas: I got an A+!

Great job! What about Austin?

Dallas: Nope, just me! I must be the smart one!

 Artist? What happened to the pirate job?

Germany: It was time for a change. I've got 4 kids-I think being a space pirate is a little too risky for me. 

Well, your lifetime want isn't career related so I guess it doesn't really matter.

 Ok, let's try this again...Giant Robot.


See? That's what's supposed to happen.

Finally got an A+ too?

Austin: It only took me an extra day!

 Funny seeing you here, Granite. Especially seeing as how Austin's mom was the social butterfly of the town when she was little. You should see if she can give you some tips.


 Looks like we've got another birthday! Happy birthday, dear Albany...

And she's got a nice hairstyle and everything!

Happy birthday, dear Angeles...

 Wow, they both have nice hairstyles! No trips to the mirror for these two!

 Love the new outfit, though.

Germany: Thanks. My new job gave me a camera, so I've been taking nice pictures of the kids to hang on the wall. 

Don't tell me you're turning into a parental paparazzi too...

Germany: What, they're cute kids!

Did she go outside?

Germany: Just for a little while. I just don't want her to get cold. 

This town is 5 generations in, and this is probably only the 3rd time I've seen a toddler in her snowsuit.

Aww, look at them playing nicely together. Albany's not even making a grab for the bottle...

And I see Austin and Granite are now officially friends. I really hope that kid rolls popularity when he grows up.

Well, it's about time I head out of here. Do me a favor and don't stay out in the snow too long. I don't want to see you guys walking around all blue-ish, ok?

Austin: Ok.

Alright, then. I guess I'll see everybody next round!


 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I really love this family. I still have a soft spot for Queens since I saw her on pretty much every lot throughout her childhood. And her kids are absolutely gorgeous-her and Germany have some great genetics. And while I was sad about Lisa dying, at least with her it felt like it was time for her to go, unlike with Michael Beesly.


gallowaytownship said...

I agree with Germany... they are cute kids! All four of them.

Rachel said...

These kids sure are cute. I hate when chance cards go the opposite of how they are supposed to go.

ciyrose said...

The kids are usual. Bye bye was around a LONG time. Granite sure is a popularity sim...maybe in disguise.

Paige said...

love love LOVE this lot!