Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beesly 4: Round 9


 Last round, the luck of the Beesly family seemed to be on the upswing. Arizona gave birth to a second child, Florida. Meanwhile, her son Connecticut grew from toddler to child and excelled in school and working in the family garden.

Connecticut: Mom?

Arizona: Oh...hi honey.

Connecticut: What are you and Dad doing?

Arizona: ....Nothing...

 England: Hey, I never got to congratulate you for swimming in the ocean.

England, you've been married for this long, and have two children together. Do you really need to congratulate her for that? 

England: Well, sure! I've never swam in the ocean.


Let's yell really loudly... 


Nice job, England.

England: Thanks!


 Another one, huh? Bixby Rabbit...

 Man, this is a good week for these guys.

 Looks like Florida made a friend...

Kate: Yeah, and then my grandma died right in the middle of the bathroom. 

Florida: That's scary. Do you guys still go in there?

Kate: We used to, but then her ghost started scaring everybody. It's annoying, though, because there's a lot of us and we need all our bathrooms.

Aww, Connecticut is being a little gentleman and pushing Tamborine on the swing. I think you're a little bit too old, though...

Connecticut: Huh?

Never mind...


 Happy birthday, dear Connecticut...

Wow, and with a decent outfit too! Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Connecticut: Yup.

 Connecticut: I want lots of friends!

Ok, I can live with popularity.

Um, Arizona? I thought you didn't want to be pregnant anymore. You've got your girl-what happened?

Arizona: Yes, well, England wants to see three of his children graduate from college. You can't do that if you only have two.

I see...




 Man, you're having a great week, England. Two promotions, and your third child is on the way.

England: I know!

Oh,'s gypsy time.

(Note: The Gypsy brought Strawberry Halpert, which obviously won't work out because, as I've told the gypsy several times, she's paired with Nutmeg. Don't know why the gypsy seems intent on breaking those two up.)

Florida: I got an A+!
Great job. And love the new hairstyle, by the way.

Yes! I love career lifetime wants.


 Looks like it's baby time!

Or babies time...


Arizona: It's a boy!
Well after the girl spurt we had earlier in the round I'm not surprised. What's his name?

Arizona: Hampshire.

Arizona: And we're not done yet...

Of course not.


 Arizona: Another boy.

And his name?

Arizona: Ohio.

Ok, so Ohio has his mom's skin... 

And Hampshire has his dad's. At least I can tell them apart.

 Blow the whistle, England.

Wow, all the way to the top through chance cards!


 See? Chance cards can be your friend.

England: I guess so!

Happy birthday, dear Hampshire...

...and Ohio...


 Aww, Ohio has cute hair...

And they grew up into the same outfit! How cute!

 England: Come on, buddy. You can do it...

So are you two going to try for another girl?

England: Well, we can't right now. There's already eight people living here. Maybe next week, after Connecticut goes to college. 

Happy birthday, dear Florida...


 Don't worry, we'll fix your hair. But both you and Connecticut grew into your features quite nicely. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Florida: I want to know everything!

Ok, knowledge it is!

 And let's see how Connecticut did in the scholarship department...not too shabby. I guess your mom's career reward helped out, huh?

Connecticut: Yeah, that and eggplant juice.

 Well, I'll see you at graduation! Everybody else, I'll see you next round.


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Finally! A lot with no drama and no deaths. I really wasn't planning on these guys having any more kids...but then I saw England's lifetime want. And yes, the boys were cheesecake twins in a (failed) attempt to have one of them be a girl. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how good-looking Connecticut and Florida are. It took them some time to grow into their faces.


Rachel said...

What an eventful lot and in a good way! I don't think I've ever seen twins grow up into the same outfit. Darn, 2 boys!

Amanda said...

I have a bad feeling that we might be saying goodbye to April and/or Corey next round. :[

Anonymous said...

So far, the only boyfriend Florida can have next round would be Granite Halpert. I like!

Mandy said...

Ohio really is the genetic abnormality of the group, it seems. He's the only one with darker skin, like his mom, and he has her eye shape.

Amanda the Second said...

Heh, after posting a comment for the first time three houses ago, I get here and find out I've been beaten to my name by another commenter. But anyway, let me take this opportunity to say how much I've been enjoying reading your blog. You really have a knack for coming up with creative content, especially in dialogues between sims and coming up with naming themes.

Paige said...

you don't even know how excited i was that no one died this round! lol.