Friday, September 3, 2010

Schrute 1: Round 9


 Last round was kind of a downer for the Schrute family. The week started on a positive note with Giselle and Ross having reconciled after their spat the week before. The couple soon found themselves pregnant again and Giselle gave birth to a second daughter, Aurora. However, the week ended on a sad note when Giselle's father David passed away from old age. 

Ross, it's the middle of winter. Why are you in your swimsuit?

Ross: It hasn't snowed yet. That water wiggler's still fun.

Looks like the week's starting off with a birthday! Happy birthday, dear Jasmine...

Very nice! Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Jasmine: I want a life of pleasure!

Of course you do, because there aren't enough pleasure Sims in town already.

Glad to see you came to your senses and put on some warmer clothes.

Ross: Thanks. 

How are things going between you and Giselle?

Ross: Huh? Oh, fine, I guess. We don't really get a lot of alone time, you know. With the girls and everything.


 And it looks like the time has come to focus on Jasmine's dates for a change! Now look, Gypsy, if we're going to pay you $5,000 for this you'd better deliver...

 Danton Holiday...this could actually work! For once, I'm impressed.

 But first we've got another birthday to attend to. Happy birthday, dear Aurora...

Again, very nice. 

Aurora: Thanks!


 Aurora: Mommy? Why is there snow all over my stuff?

Giselle: That's a good question.

Well, because the mysterious voice did some remodeling and might have forgotten to re-add the roof to this section of the house...let me just fix that.

And at least Jasmine has an easy lifetime want!

Aurora: You're such a cute little womrat!
I see this house also has a pet that will outlive them all.

Well what do you know? The gypsy actually made a good match! Which is good because the girls in this round's graduating class outnumber the boys 21 to 14.


Aurora: Look what I can do!
Ross: Way to go, honey! Isn't that amazing, Giselle?

Giselle: Huh? Oh, yeah. Great job, Aurora. Ross, I was trying to talk to you about...

Aurora: Want to see me do a cartwheel now?

Ross: I sure do!

Aurora: I got an A+! 
Great job, Aurora!

 And it looks like you made a friend. 

Aurora: This is Brian. 

Yes, I know. I think he's a little bit too old, though.

Aurora: Too old for what?
Never mind...

 In what world is a hot tub an appropriate gift for a good date? He should have just hung onto it-Jasmine's just going to bring it with her when she moves out anyway.

I guess it's easier to get a picture of you two together now, huh?

Aurora: Yeah. Daddy never puts the camera away. There's pictures of us everywhere!
I've noticed. It's actually starting to block my view.

Jasmine: Well, I'm taking some of them with me when I move out.

 And it looks like Aurora's becoming quite the social butterfly. 

Aurora: Wanna go out back? Mommy and Daddy got this really cool thing... 

 Um, I don't think you guys are supposed to play on that.

Aurora: But it's so much fun! The bubbles make you fly!

Ready to be an only child next week?

Aurora: I guess so. 

Don't worry, in this house it only means you'll be blinded with twice as many flashbulbs as before.

Now I just have one last matter to attend to....not bad, Jasmine. Not bad at all. Ok, this is where I must make my exit! Jasmine, I'll see you and Danton at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round. 

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Pretty uneventful, I know. But since David filled the house with snapdragons before he died, this house went by pretty fast. I'm glad Jasmine found a townie to be with-time for the rest of the Holiday's to get into the blog. And this house is really filled with pictures-literally every available surface or wall space that isn't holding a vase of snapdragons is holding a photo of some kind.


Rachel said...

Yay for Danton! It's always shocking when the gypsy does a good job.

Paige said...

the girls in this home are just natural beauties, :)