Sunday, October 16, 2011

Schrute 2: Round 9


 After 9 rounds, the Schrute family finally expands to a second house! Jasmine is the oldest child of Giselle and Ross Schrute. Danton Holiday is new to the neighborhood, although his father Andre and several of his siblings are already established in other houses.

Hi there, Jasmine.

Jasmine: Hi, mysterious voice.

How are you liking the new digs?

Jasmine: This house is amazing. I'm just trying to get a few last minute things in order before people start arriving.



 Oh, I see. Everybody's dressed in formal attire-it must be wedding time!




Hmm..wouldn't have taken Jasmine for the criminal type.

This makes more sense, though newlywed life should be interesting with one criminal and one police officer...


So, did you two just choose jobs without consulting each other or what?

Jasmine: Huh? Oh, the criminal thing. That's just a temp gig. I figured it I at least went through training it would help him know what the criminals are all about.

Wow, that's one dedicated wife.


Ahh...this makes more sense.


Let's follow protocol and wait.


See? No harm done. Nothing gained either, but what are you going to do?


Damion: Hey! What do you think you're doing?

Jasmine: I was just looking through the's dark out now! I was looking at the stars.

Damion: Yeah, sure you were. Quit spying on the elderly!


Yup, this seems about right.


Nice job, Danton. But may I ask why you look so sneaky while getting your own mail?


Oops...looks like I missed the labor. It's baby time!

I see purple! It's a girl!

Jasmine: Yup. We're naming her Downy.


And I can see that Danton really won the war with her.


Oh, hi Giselle. What are you doing here?

Giselle: Jasmine is going back to work today. I figured I would stop by and keep an eye on the nanny...


Let's go with the door.

Nice! And he didn't even have to spy on the elderly to do it.


Nice job, Jasmine.

Jasmine: Thanks!


Jasmine: We just have to wait for Daddy to get home...

Wait for what?

Nice job Danton. Jasmine's....waiting for you inside, for some reason.

Oh, it's Downy's birthday! Happy Birthday dear Downy...


And she is 100% Holiday.

Nice hairstyle.

Jasmine: Thanks. I think I did ok considering she wouldn't sit still.


Man, I'm missing everything this week. Now I've missed her learning how to walk.

Although I see an early love of dance runs in the Holiday family...


Jasmine: You be a good girl for Daddy while I'm at work, ok?

You know, I was on my way out, but I think I'll hang around until you get back.

Danton: Hey, you don't think I can handle her?

Of course not, Danton...that's not what I meant at all...

Nice job!

Jasmine: Thanks. And thanks for staying around until I got home.

No problem. But now I really do have to be on my way. See you all next round!


A Message From The Mysterious Voice: So, this post somehow only published 1/4 of the way the first time I posted it. And then right after I figured that out, I broke my right index finger, and typing became 100 times harder than it used to be. So I apologize that this post has been hanging in limbo for so long!


ciyrose said...

Well they seem like they are doing ok as a family....I hope things keep going ok for them.