Monday, January 19, 2009

Warner 3: Round 7

Last round, Brooke Warner and Bryan Lancaster were married after moving back from college. Brooke excelled in the gamer career, while Bryan's dream job of being a doctor never came up on the listings. Brooke became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys, Oak and Pine.

Hey Bryan, can I ask you something?

Bryan: Sure.

What was up with Damion Beesly almost attacking you at the Martin house?

Bryan: Oh, that...I don't know what's wrong with that guy. I've never done anything to him.

Um, who are you?

Jake: I'm Jake. Bryan and I were talking on the phone.

Uh-huh...and how did you get into his living room?

Jake: I dunno. I'm just here.

Something tells me it might be time for Jake to leave...and me too.

Pine, you don't want to drink that...

Too late.

Bryan: Can you believe that the boys are starting school soon?

Brooke: I know. They're growing up so fast...

No kidding. Happy birthday dear Oak...

And you're a very handsome young man.

Oak: Thanks!

Happy birthday dear Pine...

You're a very handsome young man as well. And I promise I'll get you some new pajamas.

Pine: Thanks!

Brooke: Now you two play nice. No cheating.

I don't think you have anything to worry about there, Brooke. Your sons are some of the only kids in town who don't need encouragement in being nice.

Baby number 3 is on the way!

Brooke: I hope Bryan is ok with this...

Something tells me he's happy with the news.

Oak: Come on, Pine! Let me have a turn!

Pine: I'm almost done! Hang on.

Try to find something else to do for awhile, Oak.

Ok, that works.

Oak: Look what I can do!

Homework time! I won't interrupt them.

Any minute now...

Brooke: And not a moment too soon. I'm sick of being pregnant.

Awesome! No school!

Snow days are always fun.

Um, Brooke?

Brooke: What? I'm making breakfast!

Sorry to interrupt, but I think you should know there's a penguin in your kitchen.

Pine: So all that homework was for nothing!

Brooke: You still have to hand it in tomorrow.

Medical career still not coming up, huh?

Bryan: Nope.

Oh, well. Congrats on the promotion anyway.

Baby time!

Whew! Just one this time.


Brooke: It's a boy! Meet Maple.

Another boy. Good luck with that one.

And Maple got his uncle's orange skin and bright blue eyes.

Pine: I got my first A+!

Great job. What about Oak?

Pine: He didn't get one yet.

Really? That's odd. You both did your homework...

Pine: Maybe you should have tried harder on your homework.

Oak: Shut up and let me play my game.

So...what happened to the "I'm tired of being pregnant" thing?

Brooke: (sigh) I really want a girl.

Oak: So you're going to have another baby? You just had a baby.

Brooke: I know. But we're going to have another one.

And I see the boys found the new pool.

Pine: I think I'll just use the ladder...

Don't worry, Pine. You'll be able to do it soon.

Pine: Hi baby...I hope you're a girl...

I think everyone hopes this baby is a girl.

Happy birthday dear Maple...

Aww, he's cute.

Brooke: Come on, Maple. Go potty like a big boy.

Do I smell smoke?

Bryan: Fire!

You know what, why don't you let Brooke handle making dinner? You can go teach Maple for awhile.

Bryan: Can you say bottle?

Maple: No!

You're not having a good day, are you Bryan?

Baby number 4 is almost here!

Finally! That only took two weeks.

Bryan: That's it! You're doing it!

Looks like your luck is beginning to turn.

Pine: Dad, why can't I play soccer?

Bryan: Don't worry, son. I'm sure we'll get soccer nets soon.

Um, I'm not actually so sure about that. I wouldn't hold your breath.

I really should be going but I guess I can stay to see the baby.

Just one...

Brooke: It's another boy!

Four boys...I wish you the best of luck. What's his name?

Brooke: Ash.

Well, on that note I must be going. See you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So the whole population control thing kind of went out the window with this house. I am very happy that Bryan is finally in the right career, though. It seems like the medical track almost never comes up.


Rachel said...

Dang another boy!Neat how half have her skin & half have her's.

ciyrose said...

How fun, Zachary produced a blue skinned baby like Bryan, and Bryan produced an orange skin baby like Zachary. Those Lancaster genes are pretty strong.