Saturday, January 3, 2009

Levinson 2: Round 7

Last round, Brooklyn and Trumpet Levinson raised their oldest child, Cinnimon, from a toddler to a child. Brooklyn became pregnant and gave birth to another son, Oregano. By the end of the week, both parents had achieved their lifetime wants of reaching the top of their careers.

Well it looks like this week is going to be exciting.

Brooklyn: Yeah, no kidding.

Happy birthday, dear Oregano...

What a handsome young man you are, Oregano.

Oregano: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Oregano: Dance with me, mommy!

Careful, Oregano. That must be hard when you're pregnant.

Any day now, huh?

Brooklyn: Yup...

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Cinnimon...

Well, we're going to have to fix the haircut. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Cinnimon: I want a life of love!

Why, Cinnimon? Why?

What are you making, Brooklyn?

Brooklyn: Oh, just a little midnight snack. I'm hungry all the time these days.

Ok, I guess you're right.

And I see Trumpet has taken over the homework duty...

Trumpet: You know both of them have desks.

I know, but apparently the floor is a better work surface.

Baby time!

Or babies time. Any guesses as to what that midnight snack was?

Brooklyn: We have a third boy! Meet baby Nutmeg!

Brooklyn: Hang on, we're not done yet.

Brooklyn: We've got a girl too! Meet baby Ginger!

Great! You've got your heiress!

Figures that the two romance teens in town met each other.

Holland: You know, you're a pretty cool guy. I think you'd be good for my sister...

Yeah, that's not weird at all. I'm going to go get a shot of the babies.

And Nutmeg is the only one without blonde hair!

Ginger has her mom's hair color. And they both have gray eyes.

Whoa! What happened there?

Brooklyn: Trumpet put a TV dinner in the oven and almost let it catch on fire. I don't know where he went...

He's upstairs playing musical cribs with the babies.

Oh, come on Cinnimon! Really?

I guess Mom's a better dancer when she's not pregnant, huh?

Oregano: Yeah!

Um, let's make a speech.


Looks like Holland sent his sister over after all. And she doesn't look too impressed.

Oregano: I got an A+!

Great job!

Ok, looks can be deceiving, I guess.

Happy birthday dear Ginger...

What a little cutie!

Happy birthday, dear Nutmeg...

And the only brunette is just as cute.

Trumpet: Hi, Ginger...

I like the new look.

Brooklyn: Come on, Ginger, you can do it...

You might want to do this somewhere with more room, Brooklyn.

Double potty training! And don't you two look thrilled.

Brooklyn: We actually are very happy they're both potty trained.

Could have fooled me.

Trumpet: Ready to grow up tonight, big guy?

Grow up? Already?

I guess so. Happy birthday, dear Nutmeg...

And another handsome young man in the house.

Nutmeg: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Happy birthday, dear Ginger...

And the only girl is very pretty.

Ginger: Thanks!

And with the week winding down, all that's left is to check out Cinnimon's scholarships. Nice job, Cinnimon. I guess I'll see you at graduation!

Oh, I guess there's time for one more chance card. Let's sing.

And what a way to wrap up the week. I'll see all of you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yes, I gave into the cheesecake temptation once again. I really wanted them to have their heiress this round and having twins gave them double the chance. And Cinnimon is going to be giving me a lot of headaches-I can see it now.


Rachel said...

Yay I'm in 2009! Cinnimon is going to break the poor Mysterious Voices heart wit that LTW!