Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Martin 2: Round 7

Last round, Kumquat and Mandolin Martin were married after moving back from college. They both began chasing their shared lifetime want of becoming "the law". Mandolin soon became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys, Edward and Emmett. At the end of the week, she was very close to giving birth for a second time.

Morning, Mandolin.

Mandolin: Hi, mysterious voice.

Everything ready for the new arrival?

Mandolin: Not at all. We haven't even gotten a room ready yet. Having two little boys kind of takes up all of my time.

Hmm...let's sue for libel.

Yes! That money could really come in handy.

Way to go, Kumquat!

Kumquat: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Now let's get back inside before...

Mandolin goes into labor! It's baby time!

Or babies time...has there been one single birth in this town recently?

Mandolin: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Mandolin: We're calling her Isabella.

Not done yet?

Mandolin: Nope.

Mandolin: We've got another girl.

And her name?

Mandolin: We'll call this one Alice.

Great-let me get some close-ups.

Hmm, Isabella has brown hair and brown appropriate.

And Alice does too, but she has her dad's skin. At least I can tell them apart.

Mandolin: Guess what, Edward? You have two new baby sisters.

Edward: Sister?

I think they might be a bit too young to feel your joy at the moment, Mandolin.

Mandolin: Do you want to come see the babies?

Emmett: No!

I guess Emmett isn't too happy either.

Maybe their feelings will change once they grow up. Happy birthday, dear Emmett...

And we've got a pirate. Better watch out, Emmett. SecurRom might just get you.

Emmett: Huh?

Never mind.

Happy birthday, dear Edward...

Another pirate! You guys are not staying dressed like that.

Edward: Aww, why?

Well, for one thing it's winter out there and you need shoes.

That's much better.

Emmett: Wanna go outside and throw water balloons?

What part about it's winter did you two not understand?

How's it going with the girls?

Kumquat: Oh, fine. They're not that much different from the boys at this age. We are getting concerned about the lack of space in this house, though.

Nice job, Mandolin. You're catching up.

Mandolin: Yup. With the boys in school I should have some more time for skilling.

Or time for a study session.

Edward: Mom, what's the capital of Canada?

Mandolin: Toronto, dear.

Edward: Like Toronto Caligula?

It's too bad him and Canada Halpert are going to college in different rounds. They would have made a nice couple.

Happy birthday, dear Isabella...

Aww, she's cute.

Happy birthday dear Alice....Alice...oh, for crying out loud...

(one incredibly annoying glitch and a new house later)

Ok, let's try this again. Happy birthday, dear Alice...

That's much better. And she's cute too.

Mandolin: Come on, can do it...

Everything ok with her in the new house?

Mandolin: I hope so. I still don't know what went wrong at her birthday.

Neither do I, actually. I just know the only way to fix it was to move.

Isabella seems to be doing fine, too.

Well, technically they are already illegal for me, but why not make them legal for you?

See? It worked.

Emmett: I like you better-you didn't make us move.

Emmett, you didn't actually move. Your new house is exactly where your old one was.

Emmett: I don't care. I liked our old house.

Hmm, she seems to be doing just fine now. Glad to see the walking lessons paid off.

What the...what happened between these two? And why are they having the fight on someone else's lawn? I'll have to ask Bryan when I get to his house.

Looks like Emmett's making a friend.

Stream: Actually, I have to go home. It's after 6.

Emmett: Can you come back tomorrow?

Stream would be a good friend for you. She had to move because of her little sisters too.

Walking time for Isabella now?

Mandolin: I'm trying to get this stuff done for both of them as soon as possible. I don't want it to seem like I'm favoring one over the other.

Don't worry, it doesn't.

Moving on to talking now?

Mandolin: Yeah. Can you say bottle, Alice?

Alice: No!

Keep trying...

Let's help the Mazovs.


Nice job, Mandolin.

Mandolin: Thanks. When did it start raining?

Um, it actually stopped raining about three hours ago.

And I can see the nanny has been here...

Kumquat: Can you say bottle?

Isabella: Bottle

And Isabella wins the talking race!

And just in time, too. Happy birthday, dear Alice...

and Isabella...

One cute kid...

Two cute kids. And a green pirate this time!

Wow, I didn't even notice your outerwear. Not exactly gender appropriate.

Emmett: That's ok! I got an A+!

Great job!

Edward: Me too!

Great job. And I promise I'll get you guys better winter outfits.

Now it's Alice's turn to make a friend...

Alice: So where's your twin?

Dell: I don't have one.

Alice: I thought everybody had a twin.

I can see why you would think that.

Isabella...get off the couch! Well, I think this is a good place to wrap the week up.

Kumquat: So...we're done having kids, right? 2 boys, 2 girls, we're good.

Mandolin: Oh, heavens yes. We're done.

I think I agree with you on that one. See you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And the "cannot interact with babies" glitch struck this family. This house is now on a Friday to Friday rotation instead of Monday to Monday because of the move. I had also forgotten just how perfect of a couple Kumquat and Mandolin are. Same aspiration, same lifetime want, 3 bolt chemistry. They are so cute together.


Rachel said...

This is a very lovely family.

ciyrose said...

Love this family. They are super cute, and very sweet together.