Saturday, January 24, 2009

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 7

Welcome to Sim State University's graduation ceremony for the class of Round 7! As always, the graduates will be announced in alphabetical order. This round we had 24 graduating students.

Air Beesly

Arbor Beesly

Chandler Beesly

Halloween Beesly

Orion Beesly

Phoebe Beesly

Adam Halpert

Canada Halpert

Germany Halpert

Holland Halpert

Venice Holiday

Bronx Levinson

Cinnimon Levinson

Harlem Levinson

Queens Levinson

Glinda Mendoza

Nessarose Mendoza

Trent Mendoza

Crimson Vega

Lexus Vega

Temple Vega

Violet Vega

Dot Warner

River Warner

And now for the second part of the ceremony-who's leaving with who:

Phoebe Beesly and Arbor Beesly

Glinda Mendoza and Bronx Levinson

Queens Levinson and Germany Halpert

Chandler Beesly and Halloween Beesly

Air Beesly and Adam Halpert

Nessarose Mendoza and Harlem Levinson

Dot Warner and Holland Halpert

Lexus Vega and Trent Mendoza

Crimson Vega and Venice Holiday

River Warner and Temple Vega

Orion Beesly and Violet Vega

Cinnimon Levinson and Canada Halpert

And that concludes this graduation ceremony for the class of round 7! Please help yourself to refreshments on the way out.


Ness said...

I always looked forward to the Graduation Ceremony but now I started my own prosperity and I never thought it would take that much time.

Rachel said...

So many familiar faces!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How do you do it!

ciyrose said...

WOW...that is a ton of graduates. It's crazy to see Beesly's now marrying other Beesly's