Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mendoza 4: Round 9


We are really in the home stretch of round 9! Next up is the new home of Emerald Mendoza and Risto Cooprider. Emerald is the daughter of either Nessarose and Harlem or Glinda and Bronx Mendoza. I honestly don't remember which. Risto is a newcomer to the town.

Not bad for right out of college.


So what about you, Risto?

Risto: What?

What career did you choose?

Risto: Umm...well, nothing.


Risto: Yeah, none of the postings looked like something I'd want to do. We'll get by on Emerald's salary for now.

And Emerald, you're ok with this?

Emerald: Yeah, I guess so. It will be nice to have someone to take care of all the domestic chores for the first few days, you know. It will save us the expense of having to hire a maid.

Domestic dancing in your underwear in the middle of the living room?

Risto: What? Everybody dances while they clean. Haven't you ever been to the movies?

Well, I guess Risto's stint as a stay at home husband is over. Emerald must have pulled some strings in the political world and gotten him into the military. Let's use the parachutes.



So how's the working world treating you?

Risto: Pretty well, so far. But I don't think I'll stick with this for much longer.


Ahh, I guess Risto has found his calling.


Man, this is like week of the chance cards! Um, let's hide.


Well, I guess that takes care of the financial worries.


And just in time, too. Looks like a baby's on the way!

Emerald: I can't help feeling like we skipped something...

Huh? Didn't we do this already?

Ahh, I get it. It's the old "if I get more skill points today they'll hire me at a higher level" trick. 


Um...congratulations. But if you don't mind my asking...what is it exactly that you do? 

Risto: Truth be told, I don't even know for sure. I think whoever planned my career track was more concerned with cool outfits.


So, you're a pirate now.

Risto: Yup.

And as a pirate, a carpool still comes for you every morning.

Risto: Yup.

Sent by who?

Risto: The, um...pirate union? Look, we've already established that my job is just playing dress-up, ok? Do you have to point it out every time I come home?

Don't worry, looks like I'll have other distractions now. It's baby time!


Just one...we haven't had twins in awhile.

And we've hit the boy spurt! At least I hope so. 

Emerald: We're calling him Twix.


Odd name, but he's cute enough. 

What are you doing?

Emerald: Practicing my speech for when I go back to work tomorrow.

While holding your son?

Emerald: Yup.'re multi-tasking?


Ok, well, as strange as it seems my time here is up.

Emerald: Don't you usually stick around until he's a toddler?

Normally, but you guys gave birth late in the week. I have to be on my way now, to the last house in round 9! 


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We're almost there! I was kind of disappointed that Twix didn't inherit Risto's skin. But these guys will be having at least one more child, so hopefully it will be passed on at some point. And I noticed on this lot how completely ridiculous the Adventure career is. I really think EA just wanted to dress the Sims up in absurd outfits all the way through. Seriously, why would a pirate go to work in a carpool?