Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mendoza 5: Round 9


We did it! We've come to the last household of round 9! (Throws confetti!) The honor belongs to Fern Mendoza and Connecticut Beesly. Fern is the daughter of either Nessarose and Harlem or Glinda and Bronx Mendoza; again, don't remember which one. Connecticut is the eldest son of Arizona and England Beesly.

Man, politics is a popular choice this round. Although Connecticut's lifetime want is to become the Law so I guess it works for now.


 And this plays into Fern's "marry off 6 children" want perfectly.


Fern: Hello...oh, hi Dad. No...Kelly's not your daughter. Jade is. She has your red hair. 

Glad to know I'm not the one one who can't keep that family straight.


 Looks like the welcome wagon has arrived...

Connecticut: How's it going, Holland?

Holland: (sigh) It could be better.


 Holland: And I know that Andre's going to figure it out any day now. I mean, the two girls are identical. They've already met at school. And now she's the only one in that house-all the attention's on her. I can't afford to support two kids if Dot kicks me out! 

Ok, Holland. Two things. First of all, it's not exactly the hight of politeness to show up as part of the welcome wagon and then begin a therapy session. And second, should you end up on your own I don't think you'll end up with custody of either kid. Just a hunch.

Oh, boy! Dressed up relatives! And I guess this clears up the "which daughter is whose" question.


 Hah! I remembered to set both formal outfits this time.





 Congrats, guys!

Fern: Thanks!

And now I'll just be occupying myself in other parts of the house.

 Let's dress for spirit day.


 Well, I guess that it went well. Sorry I forgot to capture the result.

Fern: That's ok.

 Ah-ha! I learned this one on the last lot. Let's hide.

 Yes! I'm going to have to remember that one.

 And I guess Connecticut's milked the politics career for all its worth.

 And I guess it was a good day for everybody, then.

Fern: I threw up 4 times this morning. How do you classify that as a good day?

 Sorry about the flu, Connecticut. But congrats on the promotion.

Connecticut: Ah, that's ok. Fern and I have been passing that flu back and forth for days.

 You guys might want to get that flu under control before the kid comes.

 Let's counter-sue for slander...


 Well, you certainly look like a lawyer. This week's been one big promotion fest for you.

 It's baby time!


Yeah, I sense a major twin spurt in round 10...

Another boy! Things are starting to even out.

Fern: We're naming him Penne., naming themes are getting pretty thin around here.

 Black hair from Grandma Arizona! I love when genetics hide!

 Nice job, Fern.

Fern: Well, I had the maternity leave to build up my skills.

 Another one? Ok, let's help the Mazovs.

  Man, Connecticut is having a good week.

 You're almost there, Connecticut.

Connecticut: Thanks. It's been quite a week.

 Happy birthday, dear Penne...

 Aww, and he has pointy ears!


 Fern: Come on, Penne...let's learn to walk...wait a minute...what is that smell?

Fern, I can't smell your world. If I could you guys wouldn't be allowed to have so many animals.

 Fern: Oh, come on...

See, this is what happens when you guys never leave your house. Judging by how many roaches there are, I'd say that's been sitting for at least a few days.

 Ok, I know I told you guys to go outside but the moment when the exterminator is spraying poison is not a good time.

 Ok, well, my time with you guys is just about up. And that means we are done with round 9! I'll check in with you guys in round 10!

 A Message from the Mysterious Voice: We did it! We made it through round 9! Stand by for the scorecard!


ciyrose said...

YAY for the end of round 9 for you. Penne is a cute boy, as usual. :) I love the genetics in the game.