Sunday, March 9, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 4

Last round, Kalliope seemed to bounce back from whatever was bothering her the week before. Older son London grew to a teenager and decided to live a life of romance, which ended up with him dating girls of every size, shape, and color (literally). Younger son Rome grew to a child. And soon Kalliope became pregnant again and gave birth to a baby girl named Paris. Somewhere in the middle of all this, Matthew reached his lifetime want of becoming the chief of hospital staff.

Hi there, Paris.

Paris: Hi, voice!

Glad to see that you two get along.

Rome: Well, not all the time...

Rome: Like when I have to mop up after her in the bathroom...

Mop up after her?

Oh, I see...

Way to go, Kalliope!

Kalliope: Thanks!

You seem to be feeling better.

Kalliope: Kind of. I still wish I remembered what had been bothering me, though.

Happy Birthday, dear Paris...

What a pretty little girl.

Paris: Thanks, mysterious voice!

First night in the big-girl bed.

Matthew: They're growing up so fast...

Rome: Come on, do the face!

I guess they get along better now that Rome isn't cleaning up after her.

Another day, another birthday...

What a nice looking young man.

Rome: Thanks!

Have you picked your aspiration yet?

Rome: Yup!

Rome: I want a life of fortune.

All right!

Kalliope: It was just so strange.

Kimberly: Ah, you'll be ok. You were probably just overwhelmed with London. When Matthew was born...

Oh, this is nice. Maternal advice from Kimberly...

Paris: Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Matthew: Sure, honey.

Another promotion!

Kalliope: Yup.

Ok, Rome's lifetime want is do-able.

How's it going, Paris?

Paris: Ok. I'm really excited for school today.

Really? Why?

Oh, I see. Congratulations!

Kalliope: Honey, it's the middle of winter. Why do you have your swimsuit on?

Um, I'll take responsibility for that. I put in a pool out back...

So how's everything, Kalliope?

Kalliope: Ok. I just wish I could remember...I feel like something happened to me...something really bad. couldn't be that bad if you don't remember it, right?

Kalliope: I guess so...

Oh, I hate medical chance cards. Um...let's send the intern away.

Whew! It was the right choice.

Hey...I know you!

Abigail: Hi mysterious voice! Long time no see.

Did your whole family move here?

Abigail: Well...kind of.

Rome: I really like you, Abigail...

Whoa....moving a little fast there, but whatever. I think we've got an established couple...

Kalliope: Great job, honey!

Just don't hurt're the heiress of the house.

Paris: Mysterious voice, how do you know Abigail?

I knew her before I met any of you.

Paris: Oh, when you had your old town?

I guess you could say that.

Taking up a new hobby, Matthew?

Matthew: Well, I wanted to have some pictures of the kids and those snapshots we can order are too small.

I see.

Kalliope: Mysterious voice, I think I found it!

Found what?

Kalliope: I think I'm starting to remember what was bothering me. In this book, it talks all about this...this monster...

Well, why don't you keep looking into that and I'll check back in with you later, ok?

Nice job, Rome!

Rome: Thanks.

And wouldn't you know it, the week is over. Rome, I'll see you and Abigail at graduation!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: And I forgot to take the end picture. Anyway, this lot was pretty uneventful. I'm really excited to get Abigail into the storyline.


Rachel said...

Great job on the scholarships for Rome & finding him a woman already.

ciyrose said...

I really like Rome, he's very handsome and I love the freckles.