Sunday, March 2, 2008

Martin 1: Round 4

Last round, Ethan Martin became one of the few male heirs in town when he moved back in with his mother, Kimberly after college with his fiancee Emma Beesly. Emma soon became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby boy named Trumpet. Kimberly found an outlet for her romantic impulses with the help of the matchmaker and a random date named Darren, who stayed at the house for three days, even helping out with the baby. The week ended with Emma very much pregnant with her second child.

Oh, for the love of...I've been on the lot for two seconds and there's a robber? And of course these guys don't have an alarm...I really need to write that down somewhere.

Emma: Ethan, we really need to get an alarm for this house if we're going to raise our children here.

Whew! They're not blaming me...thank goodness.

Whoa, cool it you two. She's already pregnant.

Happy Birthday, dear Trumpet...

Sorry about the pink pajamas, but you're still a very handsome young man.

Trumpet: Thanks!

Um...ok. Kind of hit return without paying attention there, so I don't know what I picked...but good job!

Emma: I think it's baby time!

Me too...

Hmm...I think we're getting overdue for a set of twins around here.


Emma: It's a girl! Meet Mandolin!


Some grandparent/grandchild bonding, I see...

Kimberly: So, um...what kind of things do you like to do?

Trumpet: Well, I'm really into outer space...

(Makes note for when Free Time comes...)

Man, Emma. You're like super-woman or something. Give birth in the morning, homework help in the afternoon.

And apparently there was some other stuff going on in between...

Emma: But we were so careful...

Well, woohoo can be like that sometimes.

At least you'll have plenty of money coming in.

Emma: Wow, this is happening fast...Mandolin's not even a toddler yet!

Well, at least that won't be a problem for too much longer. Happy birthday, dear Mandolin...

What a little cutie...even with the confetti blocking my view.

Aren't you tired, Emma?

Emma: Yes, but this is nothing compared to how it will be once this baby is born.

Emma: That's right, honey. The square one goes in the square hole...

She sure seems to be a smart little thing.

(yawns) Vote yes...


Trumpet: Yeah! My first A+

All right! Now that is worth cheering about!

Nice work, even though I know it's not what you really want.

Kimberly: That's never going to happen is it?

Well, you never know...but no, it's not.

Mandolin: Bear!

Ethan: Good job, honey...

What's this? You willingly playing with a toddler?

Kimberly: Well, I only had boys. I've never really gotten to play with baby girls.

That's true. I'm glad you're bonding with them.

Things seem to be going well for you at work, huh?

Kimberly: Yup.

Oh, number 3 is on the way!


Emma: We've got another girl! Meet Clarinet!

Finally, things are starting to even up in this town.

It's about time you got to know your little sister, Trumpet...well, one of them anyway.

I have no idea...let's go with the speedboat.


Sorry about that, Ethan...and you were only one level away...

Ethan: I know. But I can always get my job back. Plus, it's a happy occasion tonight.

Oh, it's Mandolin's birthday! Happy birthday dear Mandolin...

What a pretty little girl.

Mandolin: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Emma: Oh, no...I think I burned the pancakes.

That's ok, mommy. They still look good...


And yet another birthday to wrap up the week. You guys must be living off all these cakes.

And apparently Kimberly has decided to spend her elder years dressed as a vampire.

Kimberly: At least my hair didn't turn gray!

Unlike your eyebrows.

Another birthday? You guys should open up a bakery.

Another little cutie.

Kimberly: Come on, Clarinet. I'll teach you to walk...

I'm sure Emma or Ethan...

Kimberly: No, I want to do this.

Really? Those elder years must be getting to you.

Ethan: Come on, Clarinet. Say something...

Well, on this note I think it's time I went on my way. See you all next round, Martins!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I don't know what sparked the change, but Kimberly has a completely new attitude towards her grandkids than she did with her own kids. Suddenly she's rolling up wants to teach the toddlers to walk and talk, and to interact with the older kids. Romance sims may make awful parents, but they're ok grandparents.


Rachel said...

You have the worst luck with chance cards. Mandolin is such a cute name *makes note for her own instrument house* Hurray for girls! Man that was a lot of birthdays in one week in one house.

ciyrose said...

A lot of these families have to be living off cake from all the birthdays. Mandolin and Clarinet are really cute girls...and YAY for girls!