Friday, March 21, 2008

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 4

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, once again to Sim State University, for the graduation ceremony of the Class of Round 4! As always, the graduates will be listed in alphabetical order. We had 10 graduates this round.

June Beesly

May Beesly

Steve Beesly

Rome Caligula

Apple Halpert

Kiwi Halpert

Eric Schrute

Shawn Scott

And Our Newcomers:

Abigail Warner

Destiny Warner

And now for part two of our ceremonies: Who's Leaving with Who?

First off, we have our established couples from back in Tranquility Bay:

Steve Beesly and Kiwi Halpert

Shawn Scott and Apple Halpert (Note: Shawn's mom Emily showed up to shove Apple for spying on her with the telescope. This is off to a great start...)

Destiny Warner and Eric Schrute

Abigail Warner and Rome Caligula

Now, since two of the town boys had their hearts stolen by outside girls, this left May and June Beesly to fend for themselves when it came to romance. So, they turned to the help of the college gypsy.

May went first...

And ended up being matched with Pao, the town mail carrier. Naturally, the mysterious voice wasn't thrilled with this...

But May seemed to feel differently.

June went next...

And got matched up with a young man named Damion, who I hadn't seen before.

Before long, both May and Pao...

And June and Damion were on the road to marriage.

And that ends the graduation ceremony for the class of round 4. Please help yourself to refreshments on your way back to Tranquility Bay.


DJ Piplup said...

I was wondering when the NPCs would infiltrate Tranquility Bay! Pao Mellon is probably the most popular mailman in The Sims 2, and Amy Jones is the most popular papergirl(I even had her marry one of my SimSelf's kids! ^_^)

Rachel said...

Awe, I like Pao. I'm glad to see him getting in.

ciyrose said...

Lots of couples. Looking at the graduation pictures was cool. Kiwi stood out to be as a really amazingly beautiful young adult/adult.