Friday, March 7, 2008

Beesly 2: Round 4

Last round, Pamela and Rhys Beesly's days were filled with trying to keep up with their three daughters, firstborn April and the twins, May and June. April soon grew to a teenager and prepared for college, while May and June grew to children and learned how to work in the family garden. In rare moments, Pamela and Rhys tried to further advance in their careers as well.

Hi, girls! Isn't it a bit early for gardening?

June: Mom and Dad are busy in the house...

I see.

May: Hi, kitty...

You sure like animals.

May: I really want us to get our own pet.

Hmm, I guess you two have been busy...

Rhys: Ok, so you get the girls ready for school. I'll be back later.

Where are you going, Rhys?

Rhys: We've got a surprise for the girls, for helping out with the garden so much.

Rhys: We're getting them a cat...

Well, May will certainly be happy.

Rhys: Mysterious voice, meet Mifflin.

She sure is a cute little cat.

Rhys: The girls are just going to love her.

June: Hi, kitty...


Pamela: Oh, my...


Pamela: I guess so...

May: Yeah! I got an A+!

(holding applause until the other twin gets off)

June: Me too!!!

Great job, girls!

Pamela: You girls have been doing a great job out here. These tomatoes look great.

May: Thanks, Mom. Now we're trying strawberries.

Brooklyn: Hi, I'm Brooklyn. I live down the street.

May: Hi, I'm May.

Hmm...I think she's just a tiny bit younger than you, but that's no reason you two can't be friends.

You sure have a lot of energy for a pregnant lady, Pamela.

Pamela: Compared to being pregnant with the twins, this is nothing.

Pamela: Mysterious voice? I think it's time!

Phew. Only one more...


Pamela: It's a girl! Meet July!

July, as in...

Pamela: As in 4th of...

Ok, just checking in case you wanted it pronounced "Julie".

Aww, I don't know the natural science ones...let's wait.

Looks like it was the right choice.

Congratulations, Rhys.

Rhys: Yup, it's been a good day.

Oh, we've got a double birthday!

First comes May...

Then June...

One beautiful young lady...

Two beautiful young ladies. Have you two chosen aspirations?

June: Yup!

May: I want to be popular!

June: Me too!

Great. And how about lifetime wants?

Ok, that's easy enough...

That is a bit more difficult.

Wow, this really has been a good day.

Another birthday? There's a whole lot of cake in this house.

Well, I think she takes more after her mother...can't see her ears yet, though.

And her first act is to go and eat the cat food. Just great...

Oh, I think I see hints of pointy ears. That's a 3-1 ratio so far.

Pamela: That's can do it!


June: Hi, do you think you could help me get a boyfriend?

Oh, this ought to be good.

Eric Schrute...

June: I kind of like him.

Yes, and if he didn't already HAVE a girlfriend...doesn't this gypsy check this stuff?

I see May is sticking to enjoying the cat for now.

May: I'm going to miss her when we move out.

Man, way to go Mifflin!

June: Nice job, Mifflin!

June: How did I get stuck with this job?

Well, neither one of you has exactly bonded with your little sister yet.

Well, I'd say it's been a pretty productive week around this house.

Good job, June.

June: Yeah, but I wish I had gotten more. I feel like I'm behind.

Do you feel behind too?

May: Kind of. But then again, we were gardening an awful lot.

That's true. Well, I'll see you girls at graduation!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I was so relieved that the new baby was a girl. The house still has their youngest child as their heiress. I'm actually starting to worry about the girl/boy ratio for this round's college class. I might have to make some more decent townies...or possibly dormies.


Rachel said...

Nice job with Miffle (sp). The kitty sure shot of the career laddar. July sure is a cuttie. I hate when the match maker drops off someone already in a relationship.

ciyrose said...

The girls sure are all pretty. The cat is cute, and May with her is so sweet.