Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beesly 3: Round 4

Last round, Joshua continued to dodge the marriage bullet, but gained another commitment in the form of a second son, John, who Ashley gave birth to about halfway through the week. Older son Steve grew from a toddler to a child, and Ashley achieved her lifetime want of becoming a celebrity chef. While on maternity leave, Ashley made a shocking discovery of several photographs around her home, and became a bit preoccupied with finding out what they meant.

Well, this is pretty much where I left you last week. Doesn't it bother you to be barefoot in the garden?

Ashley: Not really.

I see Joshua is getting better in the father department.

Joshua: Hey! I'm a great father!

Ok, whatever you say...

So Ashley, you still wondering about those pictures?

Ashley: More than ever. I was talking to Kalliope down the street, and she was telling me about this...I don't even know what it is, but I think the pictures are related to that in some way.

Joshua: Ashley, come on. The people who lived in this house before us probably just forgot them here. That's all.

Ashley: Joshua, the people who lived in this house before us mysteriously vanished! They didn't just move away!

I'll leave you two to sort this one out.

Ashley: Morning, John.

So any plans for a little brother or sister?

Ashley: Well, I would love to have a little girl. But I don't know how Joshua would feel about any more kids. We never really planned for the first two, you know?

Well, he seems to be doing alright so far. Happy birthday, dear John...

Wow, you look just like your older brother.

John: Um...thanks.

Ashley: How does this keep happening?

Well Ashley, you see, when a man and woman love each other very much...

Ashley: I know that part! I just hope that Joshua can handle having three...I'm not sure he ever planned on having kids at all.

Something tells me Joshua is going to be just fine from now on...

Joshua: Aren't you proud of me? I'm a professional party guest.

Yes, congratulations on becoming a top-of-the-line slacker.

Hmm...I'm seeing potential here...

John: Potential for what? We're cousins.

...So you are. Ok, never mind.

There you are, Steve. I was starting to worry about you.

Ok, we're going to have to get you some better shoes but otherwise a very handsome young man.

Steve: Thanks.

Have you picked an aspiration yet?

Steve: I want to be a knowledge Sim.

Alright. I guess your two uncles must have had an influence on you.

Um, Ashley? What's that you're eating?

Ashley: Cheesecake. I just have the biggest sweet tooth since I got pregnant.

Are you sure you want to eat that?

Ashley: I don't care what they say-there's no way eating cheesecake can make a person have twins.

Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you...

Atta boy, John! Work on those skills!

Oh, boy. It's baby time!

Ha! Make that babies time!

Ashley: It's a girl!

Great! The house has an heiress! What's her name?

Ashley: Jenna.

Ashley: Uh-oh...

I don't want to say I told you so...but

Ashley: And we've also got a third boy. Meet Rainn. now you've got Steve, John, Jenna, and Rainn. (sings) One of these names is not like the others...

Ashley: Why are you singing?


Like clockwork...

John: I got my first A+!

Of course you did. The babies were born.

So how does it feel to have two new babies?

Joshua: A bit strange. I really thought we were done, but I guess I can't blame Ashley for wanting a girl. Now that we've got one, though, we're really done.

And I see Steve is making a great babysitter.

Steve: I really don't have much of a choice. Mom and Dad both work nights now.

Steve: Want to meet the new baby, John?

John: Hi, Jenna...she looks just like us!

Yeah, I don't know why Rainn was the genetic abnormality.

I see you discovered the pool.

John: Whee!!!

At least Steve has an achievable lifetime want.

Oh, hi Destiny. What are you doing here?

Destiny: I was walking by and Ashley invited me in to look at these pictures. I don't know who any of these people are, so I don't think I can be of much help. It sure is sad, though, what happened to those little kids. know what happened?

Destiny: Well, of course I do.

Ok, when you get back from college we're having a talk.

But in the meantime...Happy Birthday, dear Jenna and Rainn...

Yup, there's the little genetic abnormality!

And Jenna looks exactly like her brothers.

Don't you think the bathroom is a bit cramped for learning to walk?

Ashley: I intercepted her on the way to the toilet.


Aren't you going to change him out of that tux?

Joshua: Eventually. Oh, wait...I think I hear my carpool outside...

Luckily big brother Steve is there to pick up the slack, huh?

Steve: Yeah, lucky me...

Man, that's one happy family...

Ashley: Come on, Jenna...go potty like a big girl!

So any more thoughts on those pictures?

Ashley: No...I don't have time for it with these two.

Yeah, you have a point.

Well, I can see Jenna is the family favorite...

Joshua: Well, she is the heiress to the house, after all. And, her room is closer to the bathroom and the kitchen.

Ashley: Say "Mama"

Jenna: ....

Well, at least she's not saying no.

Ashley: Here, Steve. Just a few things to get you started after college.

A few things? Like what?

Ashley: Just some of the vegetables that we grew in the garden, and a treasure chest we dug up in the backyard.

Oh, of course.

Ashley: Good night, Rainn.

Ahh, the lesser known sequel to "Goodnight Moon".

Ashley: Huh?

Never mind. Look, I've got to be going now, but I'll see you guys next week, ok?

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: And as I started to write this blog, I realized I forgot to have Steve review his scholarships. He applied for all of them, I just didn't get the picture. Oh, well. Just two more houses to go before the college graduation!


Rachel said...

Hurray for a girl! Everyone sure does love Jenna. Loved the all platnium family picture.

ciyrose said...

Awww...Jenna is cute! Wow Rainn is the abnormal one in looks. Pretty crazy how different the genetics can turn out.

Anonymous said...

schrute halpet beesley hmmmm i think a see an office pattern here