Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 8

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the graduation ceremony for Sim State's University's class of round 8! As always, the graduates will be announced in alphabetical order.

Capricorn Beesly

Dawn Beesly

Dell Beesly

Taurus Beesly

Valentine Beesly

Zyrtec Beesly

Toronto Caligula

Topaz Halpert

Tracie Halpert

Zoe Halpert

Mountain Holiday

Oregano Levinson

Alice Martin

Edward Martin

Emmett Martin

Isabella Martin

Fiyero Mendoza

Sarima Mendoza

Aquamarine Rosada

Ariana Rosada

Brigid Rosada

Topanga Scott

Oak Warner

Ocean Warner

Pine Warner

Stream Warner

Ok, is that everybody? Good. Now onto the second part of the ceremony-the who's leaving with who rundown. Now pay attention everybody, because some of these couples did not get established before they got to college.

Mountain and Ariana

Oregano and Dell
(Will be moving back in with Dell's parents)

Emmett and Sarima

Alice and Fiyero

Zyrtec and Zoe

Oak and Brigid

Isabella and Topaz
(Will be moving back in with Isabella's parents)

Pine and Aquamarine

Valentine and Toronto
(Will be moving back in with Valentine's parents)

Tracie and Taurus
(Will be moving back in with Tracie's parents)

Ocean and Topanga

Stream and Capricorn

And that brings me to these two...

Edward: What about us?

Well, I'm exercising a mysterious voice power I haven't used in the history of this town. You two have the opportunity to re-choose your aspirations. And since you being a romance sim will be a very unsatisfying life for you, I think you should do it.

Dawn: Both of us?

Well, I'm feeling generous. And since you two are very compatible, I'm allowing you to re-choose along with Edward. So, given that the whole romance thing isn't going to happen, what else would you like to achieve in life?

Edward: I guess friends wouldn't be so bad.

Great, and Dawn?

Dawn: If Edward wants friends so do I.

Great! Let's just check your lifetime wants...

Very nice...

Equally nice.

Which means our last couple is...Edward and Dawn
(Who will be moving back in with Dawn's parents)

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending. Please help yourself to refreshments on the way out.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the refreshments. I'm excited to see what happens with all these custom skin tones. I'm very impressed that you were able to match everyone up. I always end up with them being related instead.

ciyrose said...

Wow...lots of graduates again. Good job on matching up everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hum............. I think you might be missing some custom content with Ariana Rosada. When you first download her, she has large GREEN eyes.