Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scott 2: Round 8

Now that we've passed the halfway point of the round, its time to get started with the new houses! First up, we're finally adding another house to the Scott line! Topanga is the eldest child of Tangerine Halpert and Jack Scott, and her fiancee Ocean is the middle child of Abigail and Rome Warner.

I like the new look.

Topanga: Thanks!

Enjoying the new house?

Topanga: Yeah, it's great. It's so nice to have so much space.

Must be quite a change from your parents' house.

Criminal career? I thought you wanted to be a gamer.

Topanga: Well, that job's not coming up and we have to make some money. It'll do to tide us over until the gamer track comes up.

Did your desired career come up, Ocean?

Ocean: No. Slacker's not coming up either.

So what did you end up taking?

Topanga: He didn't. No need for both of us to suffer in careers we hate. My salary will keep us going for a few days.

Ocean: I still feel like I should be contributing something...

Topanga: Ocean, I told you. It's fine! Slacker will come up sooner or later, and so will gamer. My mom's driving two businesses into the ground every day and they're doing fine.

Yes, but your parents also had the advantage of living in your grandparent's house.

Speaking of your parents...

Topanga: Hi, Dad!

Jack: Hi, honey. Your mom will drop by later on...she's got some crisis at the bakery.

Looks like the twins are here too...housewarming party?

Ocean: Nope.

Oh, we're opting for a home wedding. Haven't had one of those in awhile.

Bay: So you're my sister now?

Topanga: I guess so.

You know, when we were born, Mommy was pregnant for so long that we had to move our house.

Topanga: Um...that's nice.

Great ice-breaker there, Bay.

Looks like Ocean ditched the formal attire pretty early.

Ocean: The suit was kind of uncomfortable.

Uh-huh...I'll just leave you two alone now.

Topanga: So, I was thinking about when we have kids...

Ocean: Topanga, we've been married for a day.

Trust me, Ocean. Things like that move pretty fast around here.

Looks like Topanga's dream job finally came up.

Unfortunately it also looks like she'll have to wait awhile to start it...

Topanga: You weren't kidding about things moving fast!

Is there a reason you're leaving flowers outside your own door?

Topanga: Ocean and I just had the best date!

And you couldn't just...tell him that inside?

Looks like Ocean finally decided to take what he could get...

Any day now, huh?

Topanga: Yup!

Nice job, Ocean!

Ocean: Thanks. It feels nice to actually contribute something to the family.

Speaking of family...looks like this one is growing! It's baby time!

Just one...


Topanga: It's a girl!

Another one? This town is on a real girl kick. What's her name?

Topanga: We're going to call her Celery.


Aww, she has her dad's green eyes!

Dress for Spirit Day!

Nice going!

Too bad this isn't what you really want to do, because you're doing really well.

Ocean: I know. I hope I do this well as a Slacker once it comes up.

Topanga: Hello? Oh, hi Mom. Yeah, Celery's doing great. What? Of course we furnished the nursery. I don't know, wherever everyone else gets stuff from. I didn't have time to get down there and...because I have a job, Mom. Mom, you can barely keep that place open. How would you ever pay me as much doesn't even matter. I want to be a game designer.

As much as I want to see how this conversation turns out, I think I'll give her some privacy.

Looks like Abigail dropped by.

Topanga: I asked her over. Look, I'm really not satisfied with the nanny and with both of us working now...would you mind coming by and looking after Celery?

I think Topanga might be that rare case where the bride has a better relationship with the mother-in-law than with her own mother.

Ocean: Here she is!

What is this, grandchild number...

Abigail: 9. 6 from Brooke, 2 from River, and now 1 from Ocean.

Happy birthday, dear Celery...

Wow, she is certainly Ocean's daughter, isn't she? She'll grow into those cheekbones, though.

Nice choice for the hairstyle.

Way to go, Topanga!

Topanga: Thanks!

So what's next on your agenda?

Topanga: Well, raising Celery for one thing. But at some point I have to get down to my parents and get my cats back.

Oh, right. Don't worry, I'll make sure that happens.

Topanga: Come on, can do it!

Good to see you two still have some time for...each other.

Topanga: Um...yeah...

So would this be a good time for me to make my exit?

Ocean: Yeah, I think so.

Ok, in that case, I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We're making progress! We're finally at the new houses now. It's so rewarding to see a Sim who had a not-so-happy childhood get her own house and get to start over, even though Topanga's not so happy childhood was mostly in my head. And seeing what Ocean looks like as an adult, I'm convinced that Celery will grow into her Warner features.


simmer500 said...

Sorry didn't know how else to contact you, firstly i would like to say that i am really enjoying your prosperity challenge although i haven'tgot through all of it yet.
secondly i was wondering if it was not to much trouble if you could just quickly look over my prosperity blog, i have only done 1 round but would really appreciate any feedback good or bad thank you very much Craig

Rachel said...

I'm sure Celery will grow up to be lovely. Most of the ones I worry about end up being very attractive when they get older. Notice, I did say Most. :)

ciyrose said...

Well Ocean turned out very handsome, so I'm sure Celery will be a cutie when she gets older.