Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warner 5: Round 8

Next up on the parade of new houses is the new home of Stream Warner and Capricorn Beesly. Stream is the second-youngest (or third youngest, depending on how you count her twin sisters) child of Abigail and Rome Warner, and Capricorn is half of Rachel and Gaston Beesly's eldest set of twins.

Looks like we're starting the week off with a job hunt. Capricorn's LTW is to have 50 dream dates, so his career doesn't matter much.

This, however, is surprising...

Stream, I thought you wanted to be a space pirate.

Stream: I do, but the adventure track isn't coming up. Show business was the best paying job available right now.

Don't worry, I'm sure it will come up.

Looks like the welcome wagon dropped by.

Venice: So how long before you have a baby?

Stream: Gee, I don't know...

They don't even have a dining table yet, Venice. First things first...

Let's call in sick...


Stream: What was that you said about first things first?

Hey, woohoo can be risky.

Any day now, huh?

Or I guess it's more like any minute. It's baby time!

Looks like the twin gene didn't kick in just yet...

Stream: It's a boy!

Finally! I was starting to get concerned. What's his name?

Stream: We're calling him Chestnut.


And it looks like Capricorn won the genetic war with this one.

Congratulations, Capricorn!

Capricorn: On the baby or the promotion?


Trying to work off the baby weight?

Stream: No. I'm going to be getting into the adventure career soon and I need some body skill.

Did it come up?

Stream: Yup.

Wait, Capricorn is changing jobs too?

Capricorn: My career doesn't matter as much, and Stream needs a better way to earn body points than working out with the TV.

Wow, what a good husband.

Looks like the work paid off. Great job, Stream!

Looks like there's more than one reason to celebrate! Happy birthday, dear Chestnut...

Ok, I can see some of Stream in his face now.

And let the teaching begin!

Capricorn: Come on, can do it...

Is the pirate outfit some kind of teaching tool?

Stream: No, I just got home from work.

Let's head to port...


Well, it's just about time for me to go, but I can't help thinking I forgot something...

Capricorn: We never did get a dining table!

Oh, right! That must be it. I'll make sure you guys get one next week. Well, see you all next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: So, if you didn't notice, I never got Stream and Capricorn married. At first I just forgot, and then once they both had jobs and Stream was pregnant there just wasn't time. I might do it next week, but I also might keep them the way they are. I did, however, really forget to buy them a dining table.


Rachel said...

Do you usually buy your sims a dining set? I almost never do. I totally missed that you didn't get them married. Chestnut is a cutie. Thank goodness for a boy!

Anonymous said...

But they have to get married, remember? Abigail's Lifetime Want is to Marry off 6 kids.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Steam not getting married affect her mom's LTW, but there's no point. They're already engaged.

Anonymous said...

Chestnut's a cutie. He looks a lot like his mom, he looks like he has that little bit of a natural pout.

Anonymous said...

I know that you'll have them try for a girl next week, so I think that Hazel is a good girl name.