Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mendoza 1: Round 10

Last round, Joey and Trinity Mendoza were busy raising their third set of twins, Boq and Melena. With some more space freeing up in the house, they converted the downstairs bedrooms into a game room and bar, which provided the perfect setting for their golden anniversary party. By the end of the week, Boq and Melena were on their way to college, with Melena slated to move back into the house afterwards. 

Hi, guys! Welcome back from college!

Melena: Thanks. 

Looking for a job?

November: Yes, but I'm not having much luck. Neither is Melena.

What are you two looking for?

November: I'm looking to get into politics, and Melena's looking to get into law. But neither one is coming up.

Well, just give it time. It's not like you guys are hurting for money around here.

What are you doing?

Melena: Well, since my job isn't coming up I thought I'd try out this flower bench to pass the time.

How's it going?

Melena: Not well. I think I'll leave this to my dad.

Melena: Maybe I should just take the job in law enforcement instead...

November: But it's not the same thing...If being a lawyer is what you really want you should hold out.

Melena: I guess...I just feel bad living off my parents' money. And what am I going to do while I wait around?

Well, getting married seems like a good start. No party for you two?

Melena: No, I think after my parents' anniversary party we've had enough celebrating around here. Plus, I don't want a repeat of what happened when we put that bar in the other room.

Don't remind me...

Um, what's going on?

Melena: Can't you see? I'm pregnant!

Um, actually no, I can't see...

Melena: My shirt must be hiding it. But I am!

Ok, I believe you. Guess being a lawyer is going to have to wait a little bit longer, huh?

Melena: It still hasn't shown up anyway.

Ahh, I see you're the florist in the family.

Joey: I'm trying to learn how to arrange snapdragons. I want to have plenty of them around for when the baby comes.

November: was the doctor visit today?

Melena: Well, he says it should be any day now.

November: Did he mention why you're only showing in your pajamas?

Melena: This is a really forgiving top.

Let me're composing a lullaby?

Joey: No, since someone took out the bar I'm just really bored.

You're not getting that bar back.

Man, November wasn't kidding about her only showing in her pajamas. Well, no matter now-it's baby time!

Make that babies time. Melena's twin genes must have kicked in.

Melena: It's a boy!

Great! What's his name?

Melena: We're calling him Liir.

Melena: We've got a girl too!

Great, the house has an heiress already. What's her name?

Melena: Nor.

Short and sweet. I like it.

Looks like Nor got November's skin tone while Liir got Melena's.

How's the snapdragon plan working out?

Joey: Great! Now if we could just decide which crib to put them both in...

...Well, this may seem crazy, but how about leaving Nor in the one the same color as her clothes?

November: Hey, honey...did you ever wonder why milk is green?

Melena: Not once ever. Why?

November: Just wondering. How are the cakes coming along?


Oh, wow...birthday time already. Happy birthday, dear Nor...

...and Liir...

Well, except for the skin tone Nor definitely takes after her mom.

And Liir's the same in reverse...

Well, I'm glad you got Nor a new outfit but what about you?

Melena: Let's face it-I have two toddlers. I'm not leaving the house for awhile.

What about your forgiving shirt?

Melena: Liir spit up on it this morning.

Joey: There you go...all clean. Now let's bring you into the other room and put you down for nap time...

Stop it with the musical cribs already! They are at opposite ends of the house for a reason! Listen, go downstairs. I got you something.

Joey: A new...

It's not a new bar.

Joey: Aww...

Joey: a bar?

I didn't say it was better. But your house is already teeming with snapdragons, and the only skill you haven't built up yet is body, so...

Melena: Ugh! How much longer until they grow up?

Not too much longer. Look on the bright side, at least you have plenty of help. Where is November, anyway? I haven't seen him since the birthday.

Melena: He's outside...talking to a tree.

No, really...

Um...ok...well, I think this would be a good time to be on my way. I'll just be heading out now. See you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, these blog posts are taking longer and longer for me to write. I need to start picking up the pace if I'm going to finish this challenge by the time The Sims 4 comes out. (Although, since I'm on a Mac I'm guessing I have at least an extra 6 months after September...) I had forgotten that Melena was a twin herself, so I was surprised when the "There's two new babies" box popped up. And yes, they still have Fini the cat. We just didn't see her much during the week. 


ciyrose said...

YAY for updates that I haven't read. :) I'm being really slow myself with my updates too. Love the twins, they sure do take after their parents. :)