Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beesly 7: Round 10

Last round, teen twins Gemini and Virgo Beesly were mending their relationship after getting into a fight on another lot. (I still have no idea how or where that happened.) Meanwhile, parents Rachel and Gaston grew to elders. The gypsy was kind to both the teens, matching Virgo up with Violin Martin and bringing Gemini a fellow Romance Sim all the way from the mountains...or maybe the far east. I actually have no idea.

Welcome back, guys.

Gemini: Hi, mysterious voice. Has anyone been cleaning up after Rusty since we left? This yard is gross...

Um...I think so...

I just realized that we never got Elmer's lifetime's easier than Gemini's, anyway.

Gemini: was it growing up in the beach?

Elmer: Actually, it was the mountains.

Gemini: Eh, same thing.

Not really...

Now this is not behavior I would expect from two romance Sims...

Elmer: Well, I need to build my charisma skill.

Gemini: I guess the far east doesn't have as great an educational system...

Elmer: Mountains.

Gemini: Whatever...

Whoa! That was fast, even for around these parts.

Gemini: You're telling me!

So I'm guessing the athletic career hasn't come up yet?

Elmer: Nope.

Gemini: Oof! How are you so good at this?

Elmer: Well, I've fished quite a bit before.

Gemini: Oh, yeah. I guess fishing is a big thing...wherever you're from, huh?

Elmer: The mountains. I'm from the mountains. Why can't anybody remember that?

Elmer: Hello? Oh, hi. Yeah, we're settling in ok. A wedding party? No, no. Not yet. Well, actually...she's already kind of...well, any day now, I guess. It's kind of hard to predict that stuff, you know.

Looks like Elmer will finally be getting out of the house.

Gemini: Oww!!!

Looks like it's baby time!

No twin genes for Gemini...

Gemini: It's a boy!

What's his name?

Gemini: Leo.

Wow, an almost normal name. That's rare around here.

Gemini: Don't you have a job now?

Elmer: It's my day off.

Gemini: Already? You took the job yesterday.

Elmer: Hey, I don't make the schedule.

Elmer: There. All set up.


Elmer: Gemini's dad wanted one. Not sure why.

Oh, right...where are her parents, anyway? We haven't seen them.

Any reason you decided to get a bird?

Gaston: No reason. I just thought it was time for a few changes.

Alright, just keep the cage closed.

Is this another one of those changes?

Gaston: Yup. The daily grind is getting to be a bit much.

Isabella: So are you going to retire now too?

Rachel: Are you nuts? I can't hang around this house all day. I'm not that old. 

Isabella: What's Gaston going to do?

Rachel: Oh, I'm sure he's got something planned.

Rachel: Come on, Rusty. Sit up...


Rachel: This is Gaston's plan for retirement. Training the dog.

Then why are you doing it?

Rachel: I have no idea.

Um, let's pass...


Happy birthday, dear Leo...

Aww, he looks just like his grandpa!

Gaston: Come on, little buddy...

This is when it pays off to have a retired elder.

Gemini: Um...

Already? Are you sure you're a romance Sim?

Gaston: Hey, there. How did this puddle get on the floor? And where's the nanny? Wasn't she just in here?

Gaston, stop asking questions now...

Elmer: Oh, hi Violin!

Violin: Hi, Elmer. How's it been going since college?

Elmer: Oh, great. It's been an adjustment, though.

Violin: Yeah, I guess Tranquility Bay is pretty different

Elmer: The mountains! I was wearing hiking gear when you first met me! 

Rachel: It's so great to see you!

It's nice that they're still so close.

Well, this seems like a good time to make my exit. 

Gemini: But the baby's coming so soon!

Sorry, but my hands are tied. But I'll be looking forward to meeting him or her next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: What's this? Two blog posts in the same week? The same month, even? I guess with all the discussion about TS4 I've been on a bit of a roll lately. Anyway, Gemini hasn't really started on the lifetime want front, yet. I decided to focus on Elmer more, since he didn't grow up in the town and has a lot more catching up to do.


ciyrose said...

A fun update. Looks like Gemini might be quite a handful with the babies. :)