Monday, May 19, 2008

Beesly 4: Round 5

Last round, April and Corey Beesly recovered nicely from the financial problems they had the week before. Their son Kentucky grew from a toddler to a child, and April soon became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter, Arizona. The week ended with both Corey and April having achieved their lifetime wants.

Um...hi, London.

London: Hi, mysterious voice. I'm just taking care of Arizona since everyone else is sleeping...

Well, I don't blame them for sleeping seeing as how it's three in the morning.

Now that everybody's awake and the random babysitter has finally gone home...any plans for more kids?

April: Well, if it happens it happens. But we're not trying too hard.

But you only have two.

Corey: Yes, but we do have one boy and one girl. And neither one of us are family sims. There's no need to over-do it.

Well I guess it will help keep the population down.

April: Can you say "bottle?"

Arizona: No!

Keep trying, April

Um...let's go with aliens.

Uh-oh...and you guys only had about 23,000...

Back to the garden again, huh?

April: Yup.

What are you doing, Corey?

Corey: This is the second time I've lost all our money. April shouldn't have to fix it all with our garden. I'm digging up whatever I can find.

April: Honey, it's alright. We've survived this once before. We'll survive it again.

Corey: I just feel like such an idiot! I mean, aliens kidnapping the wife? What was I thinking?

April: I thought it was creative.

Oh, look. London's, did anyone invite you over?

London: No. I just heard about the situation over here and thought I'd come by and check on Arizona.


Happy birthday, dear Kentucky....

Hey, a halfway decent outfit! So...what aspiration for you?

Kentucky: Romance!


Kentucky: Yes.


Kentucky: Yes

Are you sure?

Kentucky: YES!

...Oh, alright.

Hey, it's a double birthday! Happy birthday, dear Arizona...

What a pretty little girl.

Arizona: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Oh, just keep giving me headaches, don't you?

Well, those tomatoes sure look good.

April: They should help us out quite a bit.

Kentucky: Hey Paris, it's Kentucky. I just had my birthday, and I was wondering if you could come over and...

Man, those romance sims don't waste any time.

Well this seems to be going well.

Paris: Well, we've been friends since we were kids.

Um, Paris? Before you get too far into this...

Kentucky: Why do you have to ruin the moments?

I could ask you the same question.

Kentucky: All right!!!

Shouldn't you be doing homework or studying skills or doing something else productive?

Kentucky: I'll do it later.

Spoken like a true teenage boy.

Kentucky...were you going to tuck in your sister?

Kentucky: was

I knew that boy still had some sweetness left in him.

Getting some gardening skills?

Arizona: It looks like I'm going to be the heiress, so I have to learn how to take care of the garden.

Hey, look. Both Grandpas came over.

Arizona, why are you still out in the garden? Your grandfathers are over.

Arizona: I know, but they're busy hanging out with Kentucky.

Kentucky: Come on Grandpa Rhys...get him!

Nice enforcement, grandpas.

Arizona: I really hope our house doesn't get robbed. So many other houses did.

Kentucky: We have an alarm...don't we?

Um...sure you do...

Oh, look. Paris came back over.

Paris: I'm so glad this worked was so hard when Gaston came over to my house with his girlfriend. I was just really scared I was never going to find anyone, you know?

Kentucky: Well, you know...

Paris: We're going to have a great time at college together...

Kentucky: (sigh) Yeah, we will.

I guess that gives us another established couple, albeit a reluctant one.

And inside the house we have pillow fight?

Arizona: Go Mommy!!!

Kentucky: Hi, Brigid. I'm Kentucky.

Um, Kentucky?

Kentucky: Oh, relax. Paris will never know.

Brigid: Paris? Um, I don't think so. I know a taken guy when I see one.

It's too bad all the guys in town are taken because I think Brigid wouldn't be a bad addition.

Well, the week is winding down and that means it's time to see how our blossoming Romeo did with his scholarships. Not too bad, actually.

Kentucky: Not too bad? I did awesome. And check it out-I even got the dance scholarship.

Ok, Kentucky did awesome. I'll see you at graduation-everyone else I'll see you next round.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Man, this house is a roller-coaster ride. Bad round, good round, bad round...I can't believe they lost all their money again. And even though Paris is a family sim, she's still going with Kentucky. Not only are there no more eligible guys for her in town, but they also had the one bolt despite their clashing aspirations. London and Aracely weren't a train wreck, so I have some hope for them.


Rachel said...

Are you sure Kentucky? Really, really sure? And I was just thinking you have been lucky to not get romance recently. I hope Kentucky doesn't break Paris' heart.

ciyrose said...

It's funny, I was just thinking how you have been getting a lot of popularity sims, and quite a few family, knowledge, fortune and pleasure sims but almost no romance sims...and here comes a romancer.