Thursday, May 8, 2008

Martin 1: Round 5

Last round was quite a roller coaster ride for the Martin household. The week had barely begun when their house was robbed. While the robbery didn't do much financial damage to the family, it did set everybody's nerves on edge. Soon after, though, spirits rose as Trumpet grew from a toddler to a child, and not long after Emma gave birth to her second child, Mandolin, who grew all the way from a baby to a child as the week wore on. Emma soon found herself pregnant again, but before the baby was born Ethan drew a bad chance card at work and found himself out of a job. Emma gave birth to another girl named Clarinet, who grew to a toddler. At the end of the week, the familiy matriarch Kimberly grew to an elder, although she also didn't show it (except for her eyebrows). Whew. With that out of the way, let's get on to this round.

What are you doing, Ethan?

Ethan: Oh, Trumpet's really been into outer space lately, so we bought a telescope. I'm just trying it out.

Ok, but be careful with that...

Ethan: Why would I have to be careful with a telescope?

Um...because the neighbors might think you're spying on them.

And the kids are outside the dark.

Mandolin: Aww, man!

Don't feel too bad. You probably couldn't see that well anyway.

Now you're taking on potty training?

Kimberly: What? A grandma can't help out with the kids?

Well, she can help out, but I just never thought that you would.

This, however, is exactly like you. What's Darren doing back here?

Kimberly: He just came walking by, honest.

Uh-huh. Sure.

Um....let's go with the smokescreen.

Yes! Way to go!

Emma: Yeah! Only one more level to go!

Does it ever bother you that your dream is to be Captain Hero and your husband's dream is to be a criminal mastermind?

Emma: I try not to think about it.

Glad to see you bonding with your other sister.

Trumpet: Well, soon I'm going to have to take care of her more.


Oh, it's your birthday. Happy birthday, dear Trumpet...

Ok, not crazy about the shorts...anyway, have you picked your aspiration yet?

Trumpet: I sure have!

Trumpet: I just want to have fun!

Alright, pleasure it is.

Um...let's hide.

Oops. Oh, well. It's not like she cares about her job anyway.

Oh, and there's the middle child.

Mandolin: I got an A+!

Great job!

And it looks like Trumpet has picked his lifetime want. At least its achievable. Those pleasure sims always worry me.

What're still here?

Darren: Sure. I'm giving Clarinet a bath.

Well, I guess he is providing child care. But I still think you should be paying some kind of rent, given how much you stay here.

Mandolin: So Uncle Darren, you want to hear what happened in school?

"Uncle Darren"?

Mandolin: Sure. He's been here ever since I was born.

Well, can't argue with that logic.

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Clarinet...

And another pretty young lady joins the Martin house. You look just like your grandmother.

Clarinet: Thanks!

Yes! Way to go, Ethan!

Ethan: Thanks. I got kind of worried after last week.

You again?

Darren: I brought a gift...

(Note: Darren brought a rug. And not even an expensive rug.)

Blow the whistle, Emma!


All right! Two lifetime wants down!

Emma: Thanks. Although, now Captain Hero and the criminal mastermind live under the same roof...

I'm following your lead on that one and not thinking about it.

Clarinet: Congratulations, Mommy!

Emma: Thanks, honey. We'll have to do something really big to celebrate.

Clarinet, what are you doing?

Clarinet: Mommy said she had a surprise for all of us! I'm so excited!

Well, get down off the bed or you'll be too tired to see what the surprise is.

Hey, Ira! I didn't know you were here!

Ira: Oh, hi mysterious voice. Long time no see.

Emma: know her?

Ira: Well, sure. She's the mysterious voice. She was there when I met my wife Riley in college.

Emma:'re a townie.

Ira: Yup.

Emma, didn't you have a big surprise for everyone?

Emma: Oh, right!

Clarinet, what are you wearing?

Clarinet: It's my new swimsuit! I just got it today!

I can see that, but why are you wearing it in the middle of winter?

Clarinet: Because we're going on vacation!

Um, why did you get the girls new swimsuits if you're going to the mountains?

Emma: Well, we were going to go to the beach, but we decided to go to the mountains instead. I'm sure the girls will find use for them somewhere.

And off we all go...Mandolin...

Clarinet and Trumpet...



Grandma Kimberly...

And of course, Uncle Darren had to come along too.

Kimberly: Hi, we're pretty much going to need to rent the entire place out.

The entire place?

Kimberly: Well, one suite for me and Darren, another for Ethan and Emma, a third for Trumpet, and a fourth for the girls.

It's a good thing you guys have two generations worth of money.

How do you like the vacation so far, Mandolin?

Mandolin: This place is really cool!

Clarinet: Hey mysterious voice! Check out this giant stump!

Yes, I see.

Hmm, I guess the girls found a use for those swimsuits after all.

Clarinet: I won!

Clarinet: These are sure different from the pancakes we have at home.

Well, that's because they're flapjacks. Not quite sure what the difference is, really.

Letting out some aggression, Trumpet?

Trumpet: Well, I might as well pick up a new skill...

Just be careful.

And this is where Darren and Kimberly have been the entire time. Ok, moving on...

Doing some shopping?

Emma: I'm picking up some jewelery for the girls and a souvenir.

Kimberly: The hammock's big enough for two...

Once again, moving on...

Emma: A tour? That sounds great. Come on, everybody!


Emma: Well, everybody except Kimberly and Darren. Can't get those two out of the suite.

Um...running away is what I'd do.

Trumpet: Nice going, mysterious voice.

What? What happened?

Mandolin: We all got poison ivy and we're really itchy!

Oh, I'm sorry. Hey, you know what might help?

Some more log rolling fun!

Emma: Ok girls, come on! It's time to go to the next place!

Where are you guys going now?

Clarinet: We're going to go find Bigfoot!

Ok, girls, I highly doubt you are actually going to....

Oh, well would you look at that.

Clarinet: Mr. Bigfoot, did you go to school too?

Not only did they find Bigfoot, turns out he's great with kids.

Clarinet: I love you, Mr. Bigfoot.

Aww. A bit creepy, but still cute.

Clarinet: I can't believe we're having a campfire inside of Bigfoot's house!

Emma: This has been one special vacation!

Clarinet: Daddy, can we bring Bigfoot home with us?

Ethan: No, Clarinet. We cannot bring Bigfoot home.

Actually Ethan, technically you...

Ethan: Shh! I don't want that thing living with us!

So did everybody have a good time on the vacation?

Mandolin: Yup. Check out what I learned to do!

Wow, I didn't even notice you learned that.

Happy birthday, dear Mandolin...

Well we'll have to fix your hair. But did you choose an aspiration?

Mandolin: I want lots of friends!

Ok, so we've now got Kimberly as a Romance sim, Emma as a Family sim, Ethan as a Knowledge sim, Trumpet as a Pleasure sim, and Mandolin as a Popularity sim. All we need now is Clarinet to pick Fortune...

What's with the gypsy?

Trumpet: I want to go on a date.


Trumpet: Don't worry, I'm not looking for anything too serious out of it.

That's good, because I think I found a much better match for you.

Trumpet: Hmm, well we've been best friends since we were kids.

I think we've got an established couple!

Mandolin, what are you doing? You don't need to worry about your homework, you're going to college.

Mandolin: Yeah, about I have to go right now?

Well, it's kind of the way we do things...

Mandolin: I know, but I just turned to a teen last night. I don't feel ready.

That's true. And I did give the kids at the beginning an extra week. Ok, you can stick around for another week.

Mandolin: Thanks!

Nice going, Trumpet.

Trumpet: Thanks. But I'm kind of bummed Mandolin isn't going with me.

Don't worry, I'm sure she'll do fine going next round. And speaking of next round, that's when I'll be seeing all of you.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And this lot brought with it Tranquility Bay's first vacation. This was the first time that there weren't babies, toddlers, or a pregnant woman on the lot so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity. And Mandolin is staying behind until the next round. She really wasn't ready to go, plus after counting the sims going to college this round there was one extra girl in town anyway, so having her stay behind evens things up in the Class of Round 5. Also, some of you may have noticed that in Round 2 this family adopted a cat named Misty...yeah, Misty's not there anymore. Just think of her as the little sister from the sitcom that mysteriously disappears.


Simgirlnikki said...

Hey! I love Clarinet, I guess cause I love the clarinet, the instrument. I was wondering how to make custom townies (like make them in CAS and then make em townies) Thanks!
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Rachel said...

Dang that had to be a very expensive vacation with all those sims there. I bet that Chest Pound has spread like wild fire by now.

ciyrose said...

They are all very sweet. The vacation looked like a ton of fun. I'm sure that Chest Pound is known everywhere now, that's the way those happen.

Anonymous said...

Love vacations and this was the perfect family for one.