Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beesly 3: Round 5

Last round, Ashley Beesly continued to ponder the meaning of strange pictures around her house. Her live-in boyfriend, Joshua Martin, kept finding excuse after excuse to put off their marriage. Their two sons, Steve and John, both grew during the week. Steve grew to a teenager and prepared for college while John grew to a child. Ashley soon became pregnant again and thanks to some cheesecake found herself blessed with two more children, Rainn and Jenna. Somehow in the middle of all of this, both parents managed to achieve their lifetime wants as well.

Hi, guys.

John: Hi, mysterious voice.

You're such a good big brother, John. Where's your mother?

John: Rainn drank some bad milk so she's giving him a bath.

Hi, Ashley.

Ashely: Hi, mysterious voice.

Any new thoughts on those pictures?

Ashely: No time. Keeping up with these twins is hard work.

Isn't Joshua helping you out?

Ashley: Well, sort of.

At least he's doing something productive. Hi, Joshua.

Joshua: Oh, hi mysterious voice. Can you help me fix this shower?

Sorry, no can do.

Well, that should be helpful.

Joshua: Yeah, but Ashley's already got one so it's not like I can do anything she can't.

So are you two ok with your...situation?

Ashley: Oh, I guess so. I would have liked to have gotten married...for the kids, you know? But I guess it's just not in the cards.

Yeah, I guess four kids say commitment as well as marriage, anyway.

Happy birthday, dear John...

Not crazy about the outfit. Anyway, have you picked an aspiration?

John: I want to know everything!

Alright, knowledge it is!

I guess it's a triple birthday. Happy birthday dear Rainn...

and Jenna...

One handsome young man...

And one beautiful young heiress.

Joshua...why are you in your bathing suit? It's winter!

Joshua: What? I wanted to swim.

Kia: Who are all those people?

Jenna: We really don't know. Mommy found these pictures before we were born. We don't know where they came from.

Kia: That's weird.

Joshua: Um...I don't know. Just put 7 and let's call it a night.

Jenna: Um...Dad? I'm learning letters.

Joshua: Oh...well, put 7 anyway. It's the universal answer.

Jenna: Mom...can you help me with my homework? Dad tried, but...

Smart move, Jenna.

Looks like John picked his lifetime want. That's not so bad.

Aww, Jenna, that's so nice to make your brother's bed.

Oh, I see your plan. Better to mess up his bed then your own, huh?

Jenna: Yup!

Jenna: I got an A+!

Great job, and you match the school bus!

Rainn: I got one too!

Equally great job.

Jenna: I heard that soon we're going to have soccer balls...and violins...and sewing machines...and all kinds of cool stuff. A lot of other places have it already.

Rainn: Why don't we have it?

That's a very good question, Rainn.

Joshua: Good night, Rainn...

Joshua: Good night, Jenna.

See? Having kids isn't as bad as you thought, huh?

Joshua: No. But I never pictured myself having 4.

Jenna: Mommy, does anybody know who they are?

Ashley: No, Jenna. Nobody I've brought over here knows who those people are.

Jenna: But why were the pictures still here but nothing else was?

Ashley: I don't know.

I see Jenna is taking after her mom's curiosity.


Oh, this should be good. How much money is John going to have to pay to get a decent date...


And if she wasn't already dating Joey Beesly, this would be a great match.


Hmm, you know what, John? I think you should just cut your losses and finish this date out. Your family's not that well off.

John: Ok, but I think we're just going to be friends.

That's ok. You're going to need quite a few of those to become the criminal mastermind.

Packing some peppers for the road?

John: Whoever I move in with, we're not going to be able to start this great of a garden right away. I want to have some good food from the start.

Smart thinking.

And it looks like we're ending the week on another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Ashley...

And Joshua...

I'm kind of liking this no-gray hair for the ladies thing.

And one grows up in the outerwear, the other in his swimsuit.

Well, I'd better be on my way. But first let me go check in with John and see how his scholarships turned out.

Nice job, John. I'll see you at graduation. For everybody else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I always dread this house for some reason. But now that Joshua and Ashley got their lifetime wants and I don't have to deal with romance/pleasure wants anymore, it's a lot easier. I don't know why the gypsy seems dead set on breaking up Joey and Trinity, though. She's set them up with other people all through this round.


Rachel said...

Hate when the matchmaker sets up sims with others already in a relationship. They should get a refund!

ciyrose said...

More elders....the town is going to change a lot very soon.