Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caligula 1: Round 5

Last round was quite eventful for Kalliope and Matthew Caligula. Their middle child, Rome, grew from a child to a teen and prepared for college while their youngest, Paris, grew from a toddler to a child and excelled in school. Kalliope continued to excell in the education career, and Matthew enjoyed the perks of permanent platinum aspiration after achieving his lifetime want.

Kalliope: Can you believe we grow up tonight?

Matthew: I know.

Kalliope: Well, at least we both achieved our lifetime wants.


Kalliope: Yes, I achieved mine too.

Um...should I tell Kalliope that Rome was only her second child to graduate from college?

Never mind. It looks like we've got bigger problems here. Who are those people you're painting?

Kalliope: I don't know. I had this dream last night and I saw them...

What is it with you guys and dream art?

Matthew, what are you doing? Step away from the skunk...

Too late...

Matthew: Aww, man...

Hey, you're the one who decided to pet the skunk!

Paris: Isn't it cool that we all grow up on the same day?

Matthew: Yes, but we have to wait for Mommy to get home first.

And cue Kalliope! Great job with the promotion.

Kalliope: Thanks.

Now then (takes a deep breath...) Happy birthday dear Matthew...

...and Kalliope...

It's always such a shock when the guys end up with gray hair.

Oh, that's attractive.

Kalliope: Why does this dress even exist for women my age?

Moving on...Happy birthday, dear Paris...

Well it's still not as bad as you're mom's outfit. Anyway, which aspiration did you pick?

Paris: I want a big family!


And the first thing she dreams about as a teenager is driving the car.

Um, Matthew?

Matthew: Yes?

Why would you want somebody to be sprayed by the skunk?

Matthew: What? She was a horrible nanny.

Ok, a bit malicious but whatever.

Gypsy time?

Paris: I'm having a really hard time finding a guy to date.

Well I can tell you this much-this guy's not it!

Paris: Well I was going to let him down a bit more nicely...

Paris: Let's try this again...

Look, gypsy, he already has a girlfriend. Why don't you check this stuff?

(sigh) One more time?

Paris: I never thought it would cost almost $15,000 to get a date.

Well, England is kind of nice... but I'm really not looking to add anybody new to the town right now. Relax, I think I have a much better match for you.

At least she has an easy lifetime want.

Paris, meet Gaston.

Paris: Oh, we've met already. I'm best friends with his sister Giselle.

Ahh, so that's why he didn't show up on the gypsy's radar.

Paris: So...I know it's getting late right now but would you like to come by tomorrow?

Gaston: Can I bring a friend?

Paris: Sure, I guess.

Excited for Gaston to come over today?

Paris: Do I look alright?

Yeah, you look great.

What the...uh-oh...

Gaston: Paris, you know my girlfriend Rachel Beesly, right?

Paris: Girlfriend?

Oops. I kind of forgot about those two.

Paris: Um...why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?

Gaston: I thought you knew. Normally the mysterious voice tells us this stuff.

Hey, I'm allowed to make mistakes.

Like, not buying an alarm for when the robber comes, for instance...

Paris: I've had that rug in here since I was born...

Man, I'm really batting 1000 this week.

Kalliope: I can't believe our house was robbed!

Yeah, and as much as I hate to leave you all in this time of's the end of the week.

Nice job, Paris.

Paris: Well, I had a lot of time seeing as how I didn't have any dates all week.

Man, I can feel the love in this house. I'll just be on my way now.

A Message For the Mysterious Voice: Ok, so I forgot that Gaston was dating Rachel when I set him up with Paris. This town needed some teenage drama anyway, right? Don't worry about Paris, once I play through the next few houses there will be plenty of boys for her. They just haven't grown up yet.


Rachel said...

"Kalliope: Why does this dress even exist for women my age?" Too True. Poor Paris. It sucks to find out the guy has a girlfriend when he ask him over for a date.

ciyrose said...

Wow....none of your ladies change to gray must be because of the custom hair or something. Yes, that dress shouldn't exist for elders, I agree!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were going to be the perfect match... until I, too, remembered he had a girlfriend. Sigh.