Saturday, June 27, 2009

Halpert 3: Round 8

Last round, the younger three of the Halpert kids all grew to teens and prepared for college. Steve and Kiwi kept themselves occupied with a week-long pillow fight, and Kiwi began making toys in her spare time. Now Canada has returned from college, with her boyfriend Cinnimon Levinson.

Welcome home, guys!

Cinnimon: Um...I didn't know we were going to be moving in with your parents.

Canada: What are you talking about? You knew I was the heiress...

Cinnimon: Well, at least we're sleeping on separate floors.

Should I leave you two alone?

Canada: If you don't mind...

Let's go with a flashbang...


It's time for this already? Ok...happy birthday, dear Kiwi...

And another elder gets to keep her hair color...

Happy Birthday, dear Steve...

Steve: How come my hair has to be gray?

Don't complain too much, Steve. At least your outfit isn't too terrible.

Looks like it was a good day for Canada, too.

Not such a good night, though. I thought that this was supposed to be morning sickness...

Canada: Huh?

Cinnimon: Check it out! I'm at the top of my career.

Yes, you're a top of the line slacker. Congratulations.

Huh? Weren't you in law enforcement yesterday?

Canada: Yeah...I thought all the activity was causing my stomach problems.

But judging by your face...

Canada: That wasn't it.

So does this solve your stomach mystery?

Canada: I guess so.

Canada: So, in case you didn't notice...I'm pregnant.

Cinnimon: Yeah...Guess we kind of screwed up there.

Canada: What? Screwed up?

Cinnimon: Yeah, I mean, the living with your parents was one thing but...I came from a family with a lot of kids. I thought I was going to be getting away from that.

Canada: Cinnimon! What are you saying?

Cinnimon: Well, you little help, mysterious voice?

Nope. You can talk your way out of this hole all on your own.

Canada: I mean, can you believe it? Why did he even agree to move in with me if he didn't think we were going to have children?

Temple: That's terrible, I know you? I was just kind of walking by...

What's everybody else up to?

Kiwi: Kicky bag match.

And this is entertaining you, Cinnimon?

Cinnimon: Hey, I only work 3 nights a week. There's not much else to do around here.

I can think of something else to keep him's baby time!


Canada: It's a boy! Meet baby Peru!

Aww, and he looks just like his mom!

Let's send away...

Nice! Not that these guys need it, though.

Kick them off campus...

Oops. Well, you can't win them all. was your lifetime want for your daughter to get fired?

Kiwi: What? No. We just invited people for our anniversary party.

England: Hey, Canada. Sorry to hear about the job...

Canada: That's ok. I never intended to stay for very long...

Sing, please.


I hope the big bonus helps offset this little discovery when Cinnimon gets home.

And look who's here. It's uncle Holland.

Holland: He's a cute little guy.

Kiwi: Look, Cinnimon, we've been meaning to speak with you about something. You know, if you don't want to have a family with Canada you probably shouldn't have moved in here.

Cinnimon: I never said anything about not wanting to be with Canada...I just don't want a litter of rugrats around all the time.

Steve: Well, now you've got one...


Cinnimon: What?

Like I was saying...two.

And it looks like Canada finally found her dream job, even if she can't start it right away.

Kiwi: I can't believe you're pregnant again.

Canada: I know. It's all happening so fast!

Kiwi: I just hope that Cinnimon...

Canada: He'll come around. I know it.

Happy birthday, dear Peru...

Wow, he really does look like you.

Kiwi: Come on, can do it.

It's a good thing he has such caring grandparents. And now I'm afraid I must be on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, this post took me entirely too long to get up. I guess I've been a bit distracted lately. And there's more Romance sims ahead in the Warner house...


Rachel said...

I really hope Canada has twins next time just to spite Cinnamon. Yep, I'm mean. Peru is very cute. I'm making a list of countries that make good names. :)

kayla said...

Where do you get your custom eyes from?? Lol and I've been following your blog since tranquility acres lol I love ittt