Friday, June 12, 2009

Halpert 2: Round 8

Hi, Shawn.

Shawn: Hi, mysterious voice.

Where's everybody else?

Shawn: Apple's helping Tracie get ready for school.

Apple: So what are you studying right now?

Tracie: Evolution.

Apple: Really?

Tracie: Yeah. Did you know there was a time when people didn't grow old and die?

Apple: That's impossible, Tracie.

Tracie: No, it's true. And they didn't grow up, either. And then one day, there was magic, and the kids could grow up.

Apple: They didn't teach me about that when I was in school.

Tracie: It's something new. My teacher said it's to get us ready.

Apple: Ready? Ready for what?

Tracie: I don't know. They haven't told us yet.

I hate to interrupt this conversation, but I do believe I hear the bus and carpools outside.

Since the snowman can't answer him, I guess I'd better. Yes, Mumble, everybody is at school.

New friend?

Tracie: Yeah. This is Ginger.

I know. So did they tell you what you're getting ready for today?

Tracie: No! I really want to know.

Well, it looks like we've got a couple of birthdays to attend to anyway. Happy birthday, dear Shawn and Apple...

And you both got to keep your brown hair.

Oh, I guess we have three birthdays. Happy birthday, dear Tracie.

Hey, an outfit that isn't horrible!

Tracie: Um...thanks.

Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Tracie: I want lots of friends!

Ok, popularity it is!

And an easy lifetime want to boot!

Tracie: Oh, hi Ocean. Yeah, just tonight. No, I haven't been to high school yet. Why? They do? Tell me! I'm going to go tomorrow anyway...what? No, that can't be right. Why would...that just doesn't make any sense!

Like this conversation....

Hey, Apple, do you have any idea...

Apple: Hi, Kiwi. Have you heard about this evolution stuff they're teaching kids at school now? Well, I didn't approve it. One of the other education ministers must have. Even if all that stuff about not growing up and magic is true, why do they need to know that? What? Why? When?

I think I'll go back to the other room before she gets to where and how.

Glad to see you and Jamie are still TV, are you ok?

Tracie: No!

What's wrong?

Tracie: What's wrong? The world is ending, that's what's wrong!

What? The world isn't ending...

Ugh, these things come at the worst times. Bixby Rabbit.

Wow, big surprise there...

Oh, hi Idina and Rosario.

Tracie: It's true. The world is coming to an end!

Rosario: That's impossible.

Tracie: Look, a long long time ago people didn't grow up or grow old, or know who their families were. But then the magic came, and when it did, the entire world started over again. None of the people in the old world made it to the new one. And now the world is going to change again! People are going to evolve all over again. That's what they've been getting us ready for.

Oh, here we go...I should have seen this coming.

Rosario: Should have seen what coming?

Well, let's just say that over the years I've noticed that you guys are quite perceptive about what is coming next for you. And, Tracie is right. There is something new coming. But it's nothing to...

Rosario: The world is coming to an end! We have to warn everybody!

...panic about.

Hmm...think there might be some connection there?

Tracie: What's the point? The world is ending.

The world is not ending.

Toronto: So, what do you think is going to happen to us? Do we just go off in a rocket and never come back?

You are not helping, Toronto.

You two don't believe all of this, do you?

Apple: Well...

Oh, come on...

Shawn: Well, we've been talking, and you see...those pictures on our walls...

What about them?

Shawn: Well, those people don't live in this town.

Well, most of them anyway. And they don't have houses here, that's true.

Apple: And you said before that you moved some of our houses from somewhere else.

Yes, from my old town.

Shawn: So there were worlds before us, entire communities of people, that no longer exist.

I told you, that was a freak accident...

Shawn: Perhaps. Or maybe, it was just their time. Maybe now is just our world's time to end.

Wow, if this were actually happening I would admire your bravery.

Taking up a new hobby?

Shawn: I don't know how much longer I have left in this house. I want it to be pretty.

Tracie: Goodbye, Jamie! You've been a good kitty.

Ok, for the last time. Your world is not ending.

Tracie: Easy for you to say. I'll bet you've already been to the new one.

Well, actually, yes I have.

Tracie: What? Then it must be coming soon...

Ok, look...I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish this but...would you like to see it?

Tracie: See what?

The new world. So I can prove to you that they are existing together.


Alright...I'm not sure where you should look...


Tracie: Wow...they look almost like us, except...more puffy.


Tracie: And their clothes are a little

Uglier? It's ok, you can say it. They can't hear you. I haven't hooked up the world to world sound yet.

Tracie: But they are different...

Slightly, yes.

Tracie: So...their world and our world are different.

Very much so.

Tracie: But you keep coming back here...

Yes, because for some strange reason I like you guys.

Tracie: Ocean? You'll never believe it...I saw it. The new world! Our world doesn't have to end. The mysterious voice said so! What? Yeah, I'm sure she can show you too when she gets to your house.

Tracie: Isn't it great, Dad? The world isn't ending!

Shawn: what's so great about this new world, anyway?

Something tells me I'm going to have a lot of questions to answer for the rest of this round.

Now that we're all confident that our world isn't coming to an end, let's see how well Tracie did with scholarships. Looks like she did pretty well! I'll see you at graduation, and I promise I will see the rest of you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And The Sims 3 comes to Tranquility Bay...I figured that since my Sims have been able to predict the coming of weather and vacations, and are still talking about soccer balls and violins, they would be able to foresee the coming of a new world too.


Rachel said...

Oh no the world's coming to an end!!! Oh, no, it's not. Very cute.