Monday, June 1, 2009

Beesly 4: Round 8

Last round Arizona Beesly moved back home after college with her fiancee, England Vega. Her parents, April and Corey, grew to elders. Arizona and England were married, and Arizona was soon pregnant with her first child. Later on in the week, she gave birth to her son, Connecticut and seemed to be pregnant with her second child.

As I was saying...

Arizona: I guess you were right!

I usually am.

Happy birthday, dear Connecticut...

A very handsome young man...

And baby number 2 is getting closer...

Ok, penguin in the house...apparently he decided to take a shortcut to the back door to talk to the snowman in the backyard.

Looks like Connecticut made a friend...hmm, I think they might be compatible.

Connecticut: Huh?

Never mind.

Arizona: Ok, any time you want to come out is good...

Tired of being pregnant?

Arizona: Yeah. I really hope this baby is a girl.

Connecticut: Mom, can you help me with my homework?

Arizona: Sure, honey. But only for a little bit, then I have to go lie down.

And it looks like baby number 2 gets to be born in the greenhouse!

Just one...


Arizona: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Arizona: We're going to call her Florida.

Aww, she's a cutie.

Hmm...let's go with the back door.

Nice job.

Congratulations, England.

England: Thanks.

Connecticut: I got an A+!

Of course you did. The baby was born.

And of course, someone can't make friends with Isabella without making friends with Alice too...

Happy birthday, dear Florida...

Hmm, looks just like her brother so far. A trip to the mirror is in order...

Much better.

England: Are you sure this stuff is safe? I mean, it's glowing.

It's safe. Trust me.

England: Um, she's glowing. That can't be good.

Trust me England-it's a good thing.

Ok, why are you crying?

England: I saw...roaches!

And that is worth crying over?

Looks like Connecticut is taking after his mom in the gardening department.

Man, you're doing a good job.

Connecticut: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Florida...again...

A very lovely young lady, but I think a new outfit is in order. But I'm afraid I have to be on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, nothing too eventful. But it looks like this family's luck is finally turning around. In other news, I did end up getting The Sims 3. But don't worry, it's going to co-exist with these guys-not replace them.


Rachel said...

LOL England crying over the roaches. I heart that sim. You sure can tell the kids are Vegas. Very cute.