Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vega 2: Round 6

Last round, Kia Vega and John Beesly started their own home after completing college. Thanks to early preparation, they both had their lifetime wants achieved by the end of the week. Kia became a space pirate, while John became a criminal mastermind. Kia soon became pregnant, and gave birth to twins Crimson and Violet.

Kia: Good morning, Crimson!

Hi, guys! Where's John?

Kia: Oh, he's out in the backyard.

Starting a garden?

John: Yup. I miss the one that we had at my parents house. The kids are going to be eating real food soon and I want it to be good.

Kia: Can you say "chair"?

Violet: ....

Keep trying, Kia.

Kia: Oh, hi Lexus. How's school? Great! What?'re kidding...what finally made him do it? Well that's great! Of course I'll be there!

It's so cute how Lexus is calling her siblings to let them know about their parent's engagement.

I guess this garden is becoming a family project, huh?

Kia: Yup. There's too many plants for it not to be.

Even little Violet wants to help in the garden! Sorry, Violet. You're a bit too little to help.

John: Don't worry, you can help when you get bigger.

Which shouldn't be that much longer now...

Let's capture the vessel...

Yes! That should offset the cost of the greenhouse and all those seeds.

Happy birthday dear Violet...

Well you'll need a new outfit but you're still a very pretty young lady.

Violet: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Happy birthday dear Crimson...

I guess bad outfits run in families. But you're still a handsome young man.

Crimson: Thanks!

And the first thing Violet does is run to weed the garden.

That's right, Violet. Put it in the compost bin, not the trash. I'm impressed. You might want to teach your nanny a thing or two.

Violet: I think she needs more than a thing or two.

Oh, so that's why you've been on a landscaping kick. Don't you think you should wait until spring?

John: I'm sure they won't take points off of us for the snow.

Let's hope not. Those garden club people are very picky.

John: Hi, I'm John Vega. We'd like to become members of your club.

Matthew: Well, we'll have to see. I'll let you know after we take a look around.

Well, it looks like things are going well.

Nice! Congratulations, guys!

Now it's time for a double homework session...and I just noticed that Violet is wearing a purple shirt and Crimson is wearing a red one!

Violet: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Crimson: I don't know yet.

Violet: I want to have a huge garden. It's so much fun!

Well, unless your parents have more kids you're slotted to be the heiress, Violet. So you'll get to inherit the one you have now.

Violet: Cool!

Nice work, John.

John: Thanks. I learned the basics when I was a kid, though.

Crimson: I got an A+!

(Holding applause until the other twin gets off)

Violet: I got an A+ too!

Great job, both of you!

Violet: So then Mommy said...

What? What did Mommy say? Don't keep the mysterious voice out of the loop!

Violet: Look what I can do!

Very nice! Well, it looks like the week is about over. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We did it! We finally made it through all the pre-existing houses! And you know what that means! Grab your cameras and balloons and meet me over at Sim State for graduation!


Rachel said...

Violet is gorgeous!