Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mendoza 1: Round 6

Hi, Trinity. Having some winter fun?

Trinity: Yup.

Just don't get too cold. I don't need anyone freezing.

And there are the girls...looks like everybody's fed and happy. That's a good sign.

Joey: Have fun while I'm at work, Nessa.

Is Trinity staying home?

Joey: No...we have to hire the nanny. I really hate to do it, but we have no choice.

Joey: So did you hear about Abigail Warner? Apparently she found out that she's part of a set of quads. Who would want to have that many babies at once?

Trinity: Well, I'm a triplet.

Joey: You are? I never knew that...

Trinity: Yeah, I have two brothers. Tyler and Trent.

Joey: Did you know that, mysterious voice?

Yeah, I knew that.

Happy birthday, dear Glinda...

You're going to need a new hairstyle, but you're a very pretty young lady.

Happy birthday dear Nessa...hang on a minute...

Pregnant again?

Trinity: Yup. Sorry that I made you miss Nessarose growing up.

That's alright. I'll get a picture of her eventually.

That looks much better.

Glinda: I like it too!

Good job with the teamwork, girls!

Nessarose: Ok, now you do the head, Glinda!

Um, Trinity? What are you eating?

Trinity: Cheesecake.

You know what comes from that, right?

Trinity: Yes, I do.

All right, as long as you're aware.

Nessarose: Mommy, are you really a triplet?

Trinity: Yes, Nessarose. I am.

Nessarose: How come no one here has more than two kids at once then?

Because the mysterious voice wants to keep her sanity.

Trinity: Well, that and if we did we'd overpopulate this town.

Nessarose: I got an A+!

Wow, and it's only your second day of school. You sure are smart!

Trinity: Are you girls ready for the new babies?

Nessarose: Sure

Glinda: I guess...

Really excited there, aren't they?

Baby time!

Make that babies time. That cheesecake never fails.


Trinity: It's a boy! Meet Fiyero.

Trinity: Here's your first son...

Joey: Wow, he's beautiful...

Trinity: Hold on, we're not done yet!

Trinity: We've got another girl, too! Meet Sarima!

Great. Let me get some close ups.

Ok, so Fiyero has brown hair and blue eyes...

And Sarima has brown hair and gray eyes. At least I can tell them apart somehow.

Glinda: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...

Glinda, get down from there!

Nessarose: One fell off and bumped his head!

You too, Nessarose. You're going to use up all your energy before school! Not to mention you'll overheat.

I guess gossiping about the nanny is a better use of your time...

Glinda: I got an A+!

Great job!

Way to go, Joey.

Joey: Thanks. That promotion took awhile. It took forever to make enough friends.

Well, with the girls in school it should get easier now.

And how's it going in here with the babies?

Trinity: Ok. We're twin veterans now, so we've got it pretty much figured out.

And you two still look pretty much identical. Please don't ever switch hairstyles or outfits, ok?

Glinda: Um, alright.

These two are so adorable-it's a good thing they have each other to keep themselves entertained.

Happy birthday, dear Sarima...

...and Fiyero...

He looks just like his dad!

And she has custom hair! No need for a trip to the mirror with this one.

Trinity: Come on, Fiyero. You can do it!

Fiyero: No!

Hmm, usually they say no when they're learning to talk.

I see Sarima is more willing.

Trinity: That's it, honey. One foot in front of the other...

I'll resist the urge to sing.

Aww, you two are so cute.

Nessarose: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Nessarose: Hi, Fiyero!

You're both such good big sisters!

One more to go, huh?

Joey: Yup. But I have to make a bunch of new friends. My skills are all set-it's just the friend part that's slowing me down.

Don't worry. Those girls of yours are so great-I bet all the kids in school want to be friends with them.

Joey: It's the strangest thing-they haven't brought another kid home all week. They only play with each other.

Hmm...that's interesting...

I see Fiyero is inheriting his father's love of music. And that just about brings us to the end of the week!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, another twin birth and no green kids yet. But don't worry-it will happen. Anyway, Nessa and Glinda are pretty much the cutest set of twins I've had in my game in awhile. They were constantly playing together autonomously. But they didn't bring home friends from school all week, which would have helped their father out quite a bit.


Rachel said...

I love when siblings get along on their own

ciyrose said...

Both sets of twins are super cute. They are very sweet!

Gillian said...

Even though you resisted (hope that's a word) to sing, I was singing in your honor. I'm still waiting for a green baby.