Friday, September 19, 2008

Levinson 2: Round 6

Last round, Brooklyn Levinson and Trumpet Martin moved in together and were married after completing college. Brooklyn entered the athletic career to chase her dream of becoming an MVP, while Trumpet became a slacker to chase his dream of becoming a professional party guest. Thanks to early preparation, Brooklyn had achieved her dream by the end of the week.

Good morning!

Trumpet: Hi, mysterious voice.

Bath time?

Trumpet: Yes. Our nanny keeps leaving the old bottles around. He doesn't know any better than to drink them and then he gets sick.

So I'm sure you heard about what happened at your parent's house...

Trumpet: Yes, Mom called me right after. I'm just really relieved that Clarinet's alright.

Brooklyn: Me too. She's such a sweet girl. She and Manhattan are in the same class.

I'm surprised you guys are willing to light those things after what happened.

Brooklyn: Well, we are all being a bit more careful about fire safety lately. But it's just so cold out today-I couldn't resist.

Maybe a long-sleeved shirt would help.

Congratulations, Trumpet! Now you both have your lifetime wants done!

Although something tells me your life is going to be far from boring.

Happy birthday, dear Cinnimon...

What a handsome young man.

Cinnimon: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Whoa, cool it you two. She's already pregnant!

Ready for your first day of school?

Cinnimon: Yup! I'm going to wait right here so I don't miss the bus!

Ok, just don't get too cold.

Baby time!


Brooklyn: We've got another boy! Meet Oregano!

Cinnimon and Oregano...this sure is a flavorful family.

And from what I can see he looks just like his brother...

Cinnimon: I got an A+!

Great job!

Happy birthday, dear Oregano...

Another little cutie. These two have really good genes.

Brooklyn: Come on, Oregano. Go potty like a big boy...

Brooklyn: Good job! Now let's learn to walk...

Brooklyn, the kid's been a toddler for about three hours. Maybe you should slow down a bit.

Brooklyn: Can you say "chair"?

Oregano: Chair!

Although the kid does seem to catch on quick.

Um, Trumpet? Do you really think that's an appropriate topic?

Brooklyn: Yeah, why don't we change the subject...I actually have an announcement to make!

Brooklyn: I think I'm going to have another baby!

That's great! I wish I could stick around longer but unfortunately the week is over. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I'm really not sure if I spelled Oregano correctly-I figured that since Cinnimon's name is already misspelled that if I screwed up Oregano it just goes along with the theme. One more lot before college graduation!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Just popped in to tell you that Oregano is spelled correctly. And while I'm at it, that's a good looking family you have there. Still enjoying the blog and keep it up!

Rachel said...

Hurray for blonde boys!

Anonymous said...

I think that Oregano had a bit more of his mom in his cheeks then Cinnimon does. Just me.