Monday, September 22, 2008

Martin 2: Round 6

Now that college graduation is over, it's time to start the parade of new households in Tranquility Bay! First up is Kumquat Halpert and Mandolin Martin. Kumquat is the fourth child of Jessica and Christopher Halpert. He came as quite a surprise, and caused his older sister Tangerine to develop some...issues. Mandolin is the middle child of Ethan and Emma Martin. Mandolin opted to stay an extra week before going to college, and by doing so was able to save the life of her younger sister Clarinet when she got struck by lighting while looking through the family's telescope.

Hi, Mandolin! Glad to see you got your hairstyle back.

Mandolin: It changed when I got to college, too. I don't understand it.

I know. I wouldn't be surprised if some people didn't recognize you at the graduation.

Heading down to the chapel?

Mandolin: How did you know?

Just a hunch.

And I forgot to change the formal outfits again...

Although that dress does look very good on Mandolin, I have to say.

So I can't help but notice the rather...minimalist decor.

Mandolin: Well this house was a bit of a splurge. So we had to forgo the decorating for a little while.

It also looks like you had to forgo getting enough chairs-poor Kumquat is eating standing up in the kitchen.

You guys both ready to start work tomorrow?

Mandolin: Yup!

So what jobs did you end up getting?

Kumquat: We're both in the law career. It's our lifetime want to reach the top.

Both of you? I never even noticed that. I guess you two really were cut out for each other.

Not feeling so hot, Mandolin?

Mandolin: My stomach is killing me...

Uh-oh...and it looks like it's an important day at the office. Let's see...we'll go with medical costs.


Who are you chatting with?

Mandolin: My parents. Just seeing how things are back at home, you know?

You're checking on your sister, aren't you?

Mandolin: Maybe.

I assure you, she made the trip home just fine.

Besides, it looks like you're going to have something-or someone-else to worry about soon enough.

Mandolin: Well, have a great day at work.

Kumquat: You're not going to be bored stuck here all day?

Mandolin: No, I'll keep myself occupied.

It always pays to be helpful right?

Unless, of course, it actually takes money away from you. And this family only had $6,000 to start...

Digging up junk to sell?

Mandolin: This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said I'd keep myself occupied.

Well, at least the day ended well for you Kumquat.

Kumquat: We should be back on our feet really soon.

Well that's good, because it's baby time!

Make that babies time. Of course it's the family that lost all their money that has the natural twins....

Mandolin: It's a boy! We'll name him Edward!


Mandolin: And it's another boy! We'll name him Emmett!

Edward and Emmett...let me get close-ups!

Well, it looks like Emmett takes after his dad...

While Edward takes after his mom. At least I can tell them apart!

Hmm, busy day?

Mandolin: Just a little.

Congratulations on the promotion, though.

Mandolin: Thanks! With twin boys in the house we need all the help we can get.

Mandolin: Emmett, what were you doing next to the stove?

You've met your nanny before, right?

Mandolin: Well, she should know better!

Key word in the sentence-"should"!

Finally maxed that charisma skill, huh?

Kumquat: I want to snag that last promotion next week.

Happy Birthday dear Edward...

...and Emmett even though I forgot to label your picture...

Well Edward is obviously going to need an outfit change...

But both boys are adorable!

Uh-oh...I remember the last time you looked like that...

Something tells me this isn't food poisoning.

Number three is on the way!

Mandolin: I guess I should spend some time with the boys before the baby comes.

Mandolin: Come on, Edward. You can do it...

Mandolin: You too, Emmett. Come on...wait a minute, what's that I smell?



Mandolin: Oh, my...Kumquat! Get the boys! We have to get out!

Actually, Mandolin, the fire department is on its way. It's actually safer if you all stay upstairs. Just relax.

Mandolin: How could you leave a bottle in front of the fireplace?

Kumquat: How was I to know that a bottle, filled with liquid, would catch on fire? Besides, it was only a little fire. They happen all the time. Nobody ever gets hurt-well, except for that one nanny.

Mandolin: My sister almost died, Kumquat. You call that nobody ever getting hurt?

Well as much as I'd like to stay and hear the rest of this conversation, it appears the week is up. See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So I'm taking Kumquat's position on the whole fire thing. I saw the baby bottle in front of the fireplace and thought to myself "that's not a flammable object...". Apparently, baby bottles in the Sims are flammable. Kind of makes you wonder what's in that green milk.


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