Monday, September 1, 2008

Beesly 6: Round 6

Last round, both June and Damion contined to advance in their careers. Despite not having attended college, Damion came closer to catching up with his wife. Their twin daughters, Robin and Sparrow, grew to children and excelled in school. Due to the nanny's incompetence, the entire family was also infected with the flu at some point during the week.

Oh, Damion...

Damion: What? I'm hungry!

Your wife is cooking! You can't wait ten minutes?

Wow, two promotions. Congratulations, guys!

June: Thanks, mysterious voice.

June: Hi, Robin! How was school?

Robin: It was ok, I guess. Sparrow made a new friend.

Huh? But you've been doing so well in the business world.

Damion: Yes, but my lifelong dream is to become a general. It's a pay cut, but it's what I really want to do.

Well, I'm not going to stop you from following your dreams.

I guess this must be the new friend Sparrow made. You have a lot of friends...

Sparrow: Yeah, I have a lot more than Robin. I don't know why.

I don't either. You're both very nice girls.

Happy birthday, dear Robin...

And Sparrow...

Hmm, that outfit is going to have to change.

And yours is too, Sparrow. Have you girls chosen your aspiration yet?

Robin: I want a life of romance!

Aww...I mean...ok...

Sparrow: And I want a huge family!

Wow, talk about your opposite end of the spectrum.

Let's go with the baguettes.


Congratulations on your first military promotion!

Damion: Thanks. I'm so glad I finally made this change.

Who are you calling, Sparrow?

Sparrow: I'm just inviting someone over.

Hi there, Mexico. I knew you two made a cute couple!

Sparrow: It's just so much easier when you're already friends.

And we've got another established couple for Round 6!

Wow, you're doing really well Damion.

Damion: Well I've been preparing for a military career for a long time.

Hi there, Abigail!

Abigail: When are you going to get to my house? I have big news.

I heard. Don't worry, I'll be there soon enough.

Looks like Robin's made a friend of her own. Hi, Mango.

Mango: Huh..oh, hi mysterious voice

I guess this really is what you were meant to do, huh?

Damion: It sure is.

Looks like both of the girls have found love! And since Mango's the heir to his house, that makes Sparrow the heiress to this one.

Looks like they've picked lifetime wants, too. Here's Robin' could be worse.

Sparrow, however...that's going to be a challenge.

I guess she's getting a jump on that one, though.

June: We're sure you're going to make a great heiress, honey.

Sparrow: Thanks, mom.

And I guess this must be Izzi...she's a cute little thing.

Sparrow: I can't wait to see her grow up!

I guess it must be the end of the week. Nice job, Robin!

And you too, Sparrow! I'll see you both at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I've been waiting to get back to this house for awhile now. I really like these two girls. Of course it figures that one will be a romance sim, but we've already got our troublemaker this round in Angelica Warner. Robin is more of a low key romance sim, I guess.


Rachel said...

Funny how these are the closest to being idential twins and they have opposite aspirations

ciyrose said...

I guess they really wanted to distinguish themselves from the other. They are both very pretty girls.