Monday, July 20, 2009

Beesly 5: Round 8

Last round, the middle children of the Beesly house, Arbor and Halloween, grew to teenagers. The youngest, Valentine, grew to a child. The house was also robbed during the week, but thankfully they were one of the few families in town to have an alarm installed.

Still at the karaoke machine, huh?

Valentine: This is really fun!

Pao: Oof!

Do you really think its a good idea to be outside throwing water balloons at each other in the middle of winter!

Valentine: I got an A+!!!

Great job!!

It can't be time for this already...Happy birthday, dear Pao...

And Pao got to keep his hair color!

Happy birthday, dear May...

I can't believe you're an elder...

May: I find it unbelievable myself.

Glad to see that elderhood hasn't taken the spark out of your marriage, but must you make out in front of the penguin?

Hey, look who's back!

Arbor: Hi, mysterious voice!

Came back to visit the karaoke machine?

Arbor: We don't have one at my house.

Yay! Snow day! It feels like its been forever since we've had one of those.

Happy birthday, dear Valentine...

Well, a trip to the mirror is in order. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Valentine: I want a life of pleasure!

Ok, that's not too bad.

That's a little more annoying...but at least it's not 50 first dates.

Pao: So any new thoughts about your grandmother?

May: Huh? Oh, not really. I feel like that was really my mom's mission, you know? She only took July with her when they went on that trip, and July still lives in that house.

Pao: But don't you want to know...

May: Kind of. But honestly, where else could we look? They went to the far east for answers, and all they found was that story about the dragon.

Looks like Valentine made a new friend. I always find it funny when one Sim is dressed for winter and the other for summer...seems like somebody should be uncomfortable here.

Oh, great. The gypsy's back...

Toronto...hmm. Well, he is a romance Sim...but this might work.

That karaoke machine is quite the matchmaker.

And we have ourselves a new couple!!

Before I go...let's see how you did in scholarships. Looks like you did pretty well, Valentine.

Valentine: Thanks!

And now I must be on my way. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, not much went on. Houses with their last child are kind of low key. I can't believe that Pao and May are elders. And don't think the search for May's grandmother is going to end, I've got some plans for that.


Gabbi said...

Hi, great blog! It's great, I read the whole thing. But I have a question, I want to download the Caligula family, but does that mean I have to play them? How did you make Kalliope become a teen? Did you make them townies? How so?
Thanks so much! If you have the time, could you just leave a commment here? Or email me. My email is

Rachel said...

Thank goodness you dodged the 50 1st dates LTW!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone other than me find it sort of... unorthodox that Valentine is going with Toronto? She and Kentucky are cousins! They have the same grandmother (Pamela), so I find it just a bit odd that Valentine is with her cousins kid. Just me...

ciyrose said...

Valentine is pretty cute as a teen. Her and Toronto I guess are ok...I always feel bad for the sims shackled to a romance sim. :)