Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Halpert 1: Round 8

Last round, Mango Halpert returned home from college with his girlfriend, Robin. Mango entered into the slacker field while Robin became a chef. By the end of the week they had both achieved their lifetime wants of reaching the tops of their respective fields. Robin soon became pregnant, and to preserve the last name of the household married Mango in a simple living room ceremony. Their daughter Strawberry was born and soon grew to a toddler.

Oh, great. Another house filled with nothing but meowing.

Christopher: You're telling me. I can hardly hear myself think anymore.

I see Strawberry is enjoying Jessica's new hobby...

Robin: I don't know about that thing-it looks a little dangerous.

Nice going, Flick.

You too, Tiger.

Happy birthday, dear Strawberry...

And yet another beautiful Halpert girl. These guys have some great genetics.

Christopher: Goodnight, Strawberry.

Everyone together now...aww

Jessica: Roll over...roll over...

Trying to teach him a new trick?

Jessica: He's just not getting it.

Maybe that's because roll over is a dog trick and he's not a dog.

Have a good first day at school!

Strawberry: Why do I have to wear this snowsuit? Nobody can see my outfit.

Don't worry, you'll be able to take it off at school...I think.

Oops, sorry Flick.

Mango: It's're still a good kitty.

Glad to see you're comforting the cat. And that you're still alive-we haven't heard from you once this week.

Nice job, Tiger. These cats sure are pulling their weight.

Strawberry: Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Mango: Sure. Let's go into the study.

You two go do that. I'll be right back-I just got a sudden craving for a smoothie.

Robin: Hi...oh, sure you can drop by. It's been forever.

Who is she talking to?

Oh, it's Robin's twin sister Sparrow.

Robin: How are things back home?

Sparrow: Oh, just fine.

Robin: How's Canary doing?

Sparrow: She's great. I can't believe Strawberry is in school already.

I'll just leave these two to catch up.

Look's like Flick has bounced back from that chance card.

Strawberry: Dance with me, Grandpa!

These two are so cute.

What are you making? It's almost midnight.

Robin: I got hungry, so I'm making myself some lobster.

You're making yourself lobster as a midnight snack...

Robin: Yeah, why not?

Spoken like a true celebrity chef.

Looks like you've taken up a hobby of your own.

Robin: Well, I'm at the top of my career and Strawberry's growing up...I need something to do.


Strawberry: I got an A+!

Great job. Take it inside and show your dad.

Strawberry: Check it out!

Mango: Great job, Strawberry!

I think Strawberry might just be the only kid in town who has a parent respond to the A+ cheers.

New hairstyle?

Strawberry: Yeah.

Any particular reason?

Strawberry: I don't know. I just wanted one.

Strawberry: Hi, Dad. Want to buy some lemonade?

Mango: You know, it is hot out here all of a sudden. Sure, I'll buy a cup.

I think you'll be her only customer all day, Mango.

Is that another new hairstyle I see?

Strawberry: I changed my mind again.

Nothing wrong with that.

Oh, and look who Robin brought home with her.

Angelica: I don't know how you do it.

Robin: Do what?

Angelica: All this family stuff. Being married, raising a kid...

Robin: Don't you have a daughter? And a...well, Andre has a son?

Angelica: Yeah, but she was just a side effect. It's not like I set out to have her. And believe me, I let Andre know it. What kind of Romance sim are you, anyway?

Thank you Angelica for that uplifting pep talk.

Baby number 2 on the way? I was starting to think you guys were done.

Robin: I thought we were too.

Well, woo-hoo is like that sometimes.

Uh-oh...I hope that isn't a metaphor for something.

At least your flower arrangements seem to be going well.

Strawberry: Mommy, is the new baby a boy or a girl?

Robin: Well, we won't know until it's born Strawberry.

Which from the looks of things will be very soon.

Robin: Is it strange that I actually want this second baby?

Why would it be strange to want your child?

Robin: Because I'm a romance sim. Don't get me wrong, I still want to go out on dates and all that. But I want this baby too...why do I only get to be one thing? Why can't I pick two?

Because EA isn't letting...

Robin: Huh? What's EA?

Never mind.

Oh, and there's the third cat...Maggie, stop eating the pancakes.

What are you doing, Strawberry?

Strawberry: Playing pirates.

I see. Well, you might want to take a break and head into the other bathroom.

Strawberry: Why?

Because it's baby time!

Make that babies time.


Robin: It's a girl! Meet Lemon!

Great, so we've still got an heiress.

Robin: I don't think we're done...

And baby number two is a...

Robin: It's a girl! Meet Lime.

Lemon and Lime...great, now I want a Sprite too.

Ok, so Lime has her mom's skin...

And Lemon has her dad's. At least I can tell them apart.

Good job, Flick!

Well, it looks like it's about time for me to head out. You be nice to those babies, ok?

Strawberry: I know. I heard about how mean Aunt Tangerine was to Daddy.

That's actually a pretty good rule to live by. Don't be like you're aunt Tangerine in any way. And on that note, I make my exit. See you all next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: So I really wasn't planning on these two having more kids. But this house was just so boring!!! 2 adults, 2 elders all in permanent platinum. Even the cats did little to liven it up.


Anonymous said...

I think it's cool how you start out with a little summary - kinda like one of those serials :-)

Rachel said...

Hurray Lemon & Lime! I remember them being born! That was just a couple weeks ago!

ciyrose said...

I really just noticed how handsome Mango really is. Strawberry is very pretty and how cute, Lemon and Lime!