Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Schrute 1: Round 8

Last round was a bit of a roller coaster ride for the Schrute family. Ross and Giselle were married after returning from Sim State University, but Giselle still tried to chase her lifetime want of having 50 first dates. For awhile, she was able to keep her dates secret from Ross, but one day he came home early and finding his wife on a date didn't sit well with him. The only thing that saved the couple was that Giselle was pregnant with their first child, Jasmine, and Ross didn't want to abandon his daughter. After Jasmine was born, they both used her to avoid having to discuss their own relationship. At the end of the week, the time finally came for Giselle's mom, Jennifer. The estranged lovers appeared to be on the road to reconciliation as Ross attempted to support his grieving wife.

And we're starting off the week by moving a grave...

Bye, Jennifer's ghost.

And apparently Giselle never got a job. Don't know how I missed that one.

Ross: What do you think of your new house, Jasmine?

New house?

Ross: We did some remodeling. We're still in the same location-we just had some contractor work done.

I can see's a nice looking place. A bit more cramped then I would like, though.

Happy birthday, dear Jasmine...

Another lovely young lady from the Beesly/Shrute line.

Jasmine: Thanks.

So it looks like you two are on the mend.

Giselle: Yeah. We're going to have to take it one day at a time.

Glad to see it. I don't think Jasmine needs her parents to divorce right after losing her grandma.

Yup, I think these two will be fine for now.

Well, romantically fine.

Giselle: Um, a little help...

Come on, Giselle. You're almost a celebrity chef and you set a microwave on fire?

Um...I picked smokescreen and it was wrong. He lost 3 skill points. Sorry, Ross.

Giselle: Should I wake him up?

Nah. Let him sleep. He's been out back in your pool all day.

What's this? A child actually putting her homework on her desk?

Jasmine: Isn't this where it goes?

Yes...yes it is.

Jasmine: Can you help me with my homework, Grandpa?

David: Sure, honey.

Um...ok...what did Ross do to Brandi?

Ross: I don't know...what's your deal?

Brandi: I'm just mad at you. Do I need a reason?

If you're going to attack him, then yes you do.


Giselle: No...we decided this wasn't going to happen...

So you guys kept all of those pictures that were in your old house?

Ross: Well we threw all of the pictures into a box. Plus, I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I feel like I know these people.

So about planning for this not to happen...

Giselle: Oh, no...

Giselle: Um...honey...I have something to tell you.

Ross: Not now. I'm dancing.

Jasmine: I got an A+!

Great job! I guess that homework help from grandpa paid off.

Um, ok. I don't know why Arbor looks so evil.

David: Giselle, I want you to take all the flowers I've been making.

Giselle: Um, ok. But why?

David: I think they'll brighten the baby's room.

Jasmine: Hi baby!

So you're happy about the new arrival?

Jasmine: Yeah, I hope it's a sister.

Well, there were just twin girls born in the last house...

What are you doing, Jasmine?

Jasmine: Flying a kite.

I'll resist the urge to break into song.

Jasmine: Ok...

Well look who dropped by.

Jasmine: Hi, my name is Jasmine.

Zyrtec: I'm Zyrtec.

Jasmine: That's a funny name.

Jasmine, there are kids in this town named Snapple. I think Zyrtec is pretty tame.

Baby time! Let's see if Jasmine was right!

Giselle: It's a girl!

Well what do you know! She was right. What's her name?

Giselle: Aurora.

Jasmine: I knew it was a sister!

What can I say? Sometimes even the mysterious voice can't predict these things.

And she sure is a cute little thing, isn't she?

Wow, nice going. And on your first day back too.

Giselle: Thanks.

But I can't help but notice that your real lifetime want is going untouched this week.

Giselle: I thought it would be best to keep that on the back burner. Things are still a bit touchy with Ross.

Glad to see you helping out with the yardwork.

Jasmine: I'm just raking the leaves so I can play in them.

I would say something, but seeing as how I've seen adults in this town do the same thing...

So how are things with daughter number 2?

Ross: Great. She looks just like Jasmine did when she was a baby.

So have you been blinding her with flashbulbs too?

Ross: Yup. We're running out of space to put all the pictures.

A new friend?

Jasmine: Four new friends. All of Isabella's brothers and sisters are here too.

Four friends from one family. Those Martins sure are nice to have around.

Happy birthday, dear Aurora...

And now she looks even more like Jasmine. I think a change of hairstyle is in order.

Ross: Can you say "daddy?"

Aurora: Daddy!

Smart little thing too.

Aww, what a cute picture.

Jasmine: Daddy, can we move now?

Ross: Sure. I got the shot.

You need to tell me how you got Aurora to sit still for that long.


Looks like it's time to say goodbye to David. At least I didn't miss it this time.

Bye, David. At least you died happily.

Jasmine: I miss Grandpa!

I know, Jasmine.

Ross: Jasmine, honey, it's ok. You still have your mom and me.

Jasmine: You promise?

Ross: Yes, I promise.

Well, on that rather depressing note I think it's time I made my exit.

Ross: I'm really sorry, Giselle.

Giselle: I can't believe both of them are gone. I'm an orphan.

Sorry to leave on such a downer, guys. I guess I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And yet another depressing ending from the Schrute house. You know, I knew David was probably going to go this week but it still took me by surprise. And yes, this is a new house. There's this series of houses coming out on Mod The Sims 2 called "Tour Across America"-they're so great I had to get them into town, but they're too expensive for a new family. This house is also packed with photos-mostly of Jasmine, but Aurora's catching up.


Rachel said...

I did it! i made it! It took 2 days but I'm caught up! The photo of the girls is adorable. Poor Jasmine took David's death hard. I hate that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a wuss - I hate deaths too :-(

ciyrose said...

Awww...That picture of Jasmine with David is so cute, and sad. :( I don't like deaths either.