Saturday, April 18, 2009

Levinson 1: Round 8

Last round brought a lot of growing pains for the Levinson household, as the younger three of Olivia and Jacob's children, son Bronx and twins Harlem and Queens, all became teenagers and prepared for college. Meanwhile, Olivia had a close encounter as a result of spending too much time on the telescope. Now, Queens has moved back from college with her fiancee, Germany Halpert.

Hi, guys!

Queens: Hi mysterious voice.

Glad to be back home?

Queens: Yeah. It is a bit crowded, though.

Well three generations in one house will do that.

Germany, didn't Queens tell you what will happen on that thing?

Germany: Oh, come one. What are the chances that it could happen again?

Well...very slim, actually. But I'd still feel better if you'd get off that thing.

Looks like Queens took a job in business. Let's stay.


Looks like you had a good day at work too.

Germany: Yup.

Congrats to Olivia on the lifetime want...

And congrats to Queens on the promotion. Well, now that everybody's home...only one thing left to do.

It's wedding time, as evidenced by Manhattan's dress.

Queens: I'm so happy you guys all made it!

And thankfully everybody's in a normal outfit...

I can't believe you're seems like just yesterday that you were getting off the school bus with every little boy in town. And every little girl for that matter.

Queens: I had a lot of friends.

And speaking of your friends, I'm going to go look in on the party downstairs and give you two some privacy.

Wow! That was fast.

Queens: I know. But the criminal career still isn't coming up and that's what I really want.

You want to be a criminal mastermind? You're father and grandmother are both Captain Hero, and you want to be a criminal mastermind?

Queens: Yeah!

Can't wait to see how that goes over.

Having some trouble in the kitchen?

Germany: I guess I left it in too long.

Just feel lucky that it didn't start a fire.

Looks like you'll have to put your life of crime off for awhile anyway.

Queens: I guess so.

Olivia: I can't believe you're having a baby! I'm so proud of you!

Queens: Um...ok...

Queens, what are you eating?

Queens: Cheesecake. know what will come from that.

Queens: Yes.

Ok, as long as you're prepared.

Congratulations, Germany!

Germany: Thanks.

Babies time!

See? That cheesecake never fails. already had one...darn my mysterious voice camera...

Queens: It's a boy! Meet Austin.

And the other baby?

Queens: It's a boy too. We named him Dallas.

Ok, here's Austin...

And here's Dallas. So there really are two babies.

Sorry about not getting a shot of Dallas being born.

Queens: That's ok.

So how are you holding up with the twins?

Queens: I'm doing ok.

Something tells me Germany's a bit more stressed.

Germany: They never stop crying!

Queens: It's ok. They'll be toddlers soon.

Let's capture the vessel.


Happy birthday, dear Dallas...

And already I can tell he's a Levinson...

Happy birthday, dear Austin...

And thankfully I can tell them apart!

Let the teaching begin!

Olivia: Come on, can do it...

Austin: Mommy!

Wow, he's a smart little guy.

So did you ever think you'd be around to see your great-grandsons?

Lisa: No. It's really amazing.

Olivia: You know, you can change out of that suit.

Jacob: But I'm Captain Hero. What if I'm needed?

Jacob, there's like 5 other Captain Heros. I think you'll be ok.

3rd generation of potty training for you, huh?

Lisa: Yes. Somehow it never goes any quicker.

Well, this has been a very fun week. Um, Germany...are you really about to do what I think you're about to do dressed as a pirate?

Queens: It's sexy.

Ok, and on that note, I think it's time I made my exit. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So you may have noticed that the labels changed font in the middle of this post. My screen grab utility, Jing, was giving me some problems during this lot (hence why I missed Dallas being born), so I'm experimenting with an alternative called "Skitch". So far they both seem really similar.


Rachel said...

I like how you said they'd be toddlers soon like that was supposed to make things easier or something. Great update!

ciyrose said...

I can't believe Lisa is still alive!! Great update.

snowangel said...

I love this family :) And yeah, they'll be toddlers soon, but is that really going to make it easier? xD