Friday, April 24, 2009

Beesly 2: Round 8

Last round was a sad one for this branch of the Beesly family. Youngest daughter July moved home from college with her finacee, Roger Larson. The two were soon wed and not long after July gave birth to her first son, November. Meanwhile, her father Rhys finally achieved his dream of earning $100,000. The family also adopted two more cats. Sweets joined the family as a possible companion for Mifflin, but when the two didn't get along a third cat, Fireball, was adopted as well. At the end of the week, Pamela passed away from old age.

Hi, Roger.

Roger: Hi, mysterious voice.

Having fun?

Roger: Oh, yeah.

Pamela's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

July: Ahh!!

Feeling ok, July?

July: I think that getting scared last night gave me some stomach problems.


July: Or...

Baby number 2 is on the way!

Roger: Can you say "bottle"?

November: Bottle!

Good thing to see the little guy's smart.

November: Kitty!

Careful, November. Mifflin's getting kind of old. I don't think she can take so much love anymore.

Aren't you freezing in that?

July: I'm alright.

You're wearing sandals in deep snow. How are you alright?

Wow, only in your town could you keep a full greenhouse going in this weather.

July: These vegetables are coming out great!

Nice job, Roger.

Roger: Thanks.

It's great to see you get your lifetime want here.

Roger: Here? What do you mean here?, at this moment. In time. Right now.

Roger: Oh...ok...

Happy birthday, dear November...

And the Beeslys are capable of producing cute boys too.

Tell them to leave...

Nice job, Sweets!

It's kind of ironic that a cat being promoted unlocks a dog collar.

Uh-oh...looks like it's...

Baby time!


July: It's another boy! Meet March!

Aww, he's a cute little guy.

Stay back and guard your post, Sweets.

Wow, Sweets is having a great week.

November: I got an A+!

Great job. And sorry about that outerwear...

Happy birthday, dear March....

And he's just as adorable as his brother.

And back to teaching you go.

Roger: Yup. But I'm more experienced now so it's easier.

This seems oddly familiar...

Roger: Yup.

Another chance, let's inspect the backpackers.

I think Sweets is having the best week in the family.

Looks like November's made a friend...

I don't know if the ages will line up, but if they do these two would make a pretty cute couple one day...

November: Eww!

I said one day.


Looks like Mifflin's time is up.

And Fireball walks right through Grimmy to get to the food. Nice. Bye, Mifflin!

Congratulations, July.

July: Thanks.

I have some bad news, though. Your cat is dead.

July: What? Already?

Nice job, November.

November: Thanks. Gardening is fun.

You again? What do you want now?

Oh, looks like it's Rhys's time too. Bye, Rhys!

Well, at least he and Pam are together now.

And what better way to take our minds off the death than a birthday party? Happy birthday, dear March...

And now we have two little heartbreakers in the house. But I really must be moving on. I'll see all of you next round!

March: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Man, a lot of death in this round. And Fireball and Sweets still hate each other...July's lifetime want will have to wait.


Rachel said...

Bye Miflin & Rhys. Funny how Fireball really doesn't care. Both boys are adorable!

Geostria said...

Wow both of those boys are really cute. You've got some good genes there.

ciyrose said...

The boys are very cute! They look really similar too. Bye bye Rhys and Miflin.