Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caligula 1: Round 8

Last round trouble was a-brewing for the Caligula's as Kentucky finally gave into his romance sim side. Paris got pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter, Madrid. Both Madrid and her older brother Toronto grew to children.

What are you doing, Madrid?

Madrid: Just relaxing in the hammock.

Did your shirt give you the idea?

Paris: Dad, what are you talking about? Kentucky's not after our money.

Matthew: Well, he's certainly not after you and the kids. I mean, he won't even marry you!

Paris: We have two young kids. Who has time to plan a wedding?

Madrid: Grandpa, why does Daddy have that special hot tub with candles and roses?

Matthew: Um...say, who wants to go swimming!

Madrid and Toronto: I do! I do!

Good thing I put in that pool.

Looks like Paris is going to lose half of her excuse. Happy birthday, dear Toronto...

Not bad. Now, about an aspiration...

Toronto: I want a life of romance.

Well, no surprise here, considering who's been raising him.

Paris: So now that the kids are growing up, I thought it might be time for us to sit down and plan a wedding...

Kentucky: What's the rush?

Paris: Well, we're not getting any younger.

Kentucky: Your brother didn't get married until he had two kids out of the house and a third in high school, remember?

Paris: That's true...

What are you playing, Madrid?

Madrid: House. This doll is the mommy, and this doll is the daddy. And this doll is the lady the daddy brought home from work...

Sure, this isn't messing her up at all.

Kentucky: So have you been on your first date?

Toronto: I'm looking for the right girl...

Kentucky: Right, scmite. Just pick one.

Sound advice from the wise romance sim...

Madrid: I got an A+!

Great job!

And it looks like she brought home a friend.

Madrid: Hey, wanna go play in the hot tub?

Virgo: How do you play in a hot tub? It's too small for Marco Polo.

Madrid: I don't know, but I know that it must be really fun because I hear my dad laugh a lot from back there.

Virgo: Grown ups are weird. Let's go play in the big pool.

Madrid: Ok!

Well, at least Toronto is trying to help out. You might want to start with something more basic, though.

Oh, come on. Kentucky, she's married and pregnant for crying out loud!

Kentucky: Hey, it's her choice!

Tangerine: Actually, this is one time I agree with the mysterious voice. I'm out of here.

And it looks like Toronto took his dad's advice. Talking about aliens, a great way to break the ice. We'll check on these two later.

Madrid: Whoa! I don't think I'm ready for this yet.

Don't worry, you'll do it someday.

Aww...too bad he's a romance sim and it means nothing to him.

And he follows it up with a noogie...great romance skills.

What the...stupid attention-demanding dates...

Yup, I missed Matthew's death. Bye, Matthew!

Madrid: I miss Grandpa!

I know you do honey.

Kentucky, your sort of father in law just died. Your wife and kids are in mourning. Are you really flirting with another woman who looks at least ten years older than you?

Kentucky: It's all a part of the plan...

The plan?

You know, I don't think I want to stick around to hear the plan.

At least Toronto has an east lifetime want.

Having fun with the sparklers?

Madrid: Yeah!

Madrid: Hi, my name is Madrid.

Dawn: Hi, I'm Dawn!

I'm glad the kids of the romance sims are starting to bond.

Oh, no...Grimmy's really getting around this round.

Bye, Kalliope!

At least she looks happy.

A tent?

Kentucky: Just something I picked up. mentioned something about a plan?

Kentucky: Yeah. See, when Tangerine was here, I starting thinking...I don't want to take the chance of having any more kids. Two is enough. So if I'm only...friendly...with older women...

You know, I'm glad you have that tent. It will give you someplace to sleep when Paris kicks you out of the house.

Looks like the family's getting a puppy to help with the grief.

Welcome, Rosco!

And we get to end on another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Madrid...

Well, a makeover's in order. But what about an aspiration?

Madrid: I want lots of money!

Well, it's better than your brother.

Much better.

Madrid: So am I going to college?

Nope. Eight rounds in and I've finally come up with a system. Since it's the last night of your week and you have yet to pick a lifetime want, you'll wait until next round.

Madrid: Works for me.

Now, about your brother...

Nice job, Toronto! I'll see you at graduation, and I'll see everyone else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, Kentucky's getting fun. I was going to have him get caught this round, but with the two deaths I didn't think Paris deserved that much heartbreak. Paris now fears growing old without being married. And it was very sad to say goodbye to Matthew and Kalliope.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Wish Kalliope and Matthew hadn't died.... :(

ciyrose said...

Aww...Bye Matthew and Kalliope. Poor Paris had a rough round...I'm kind of glad she didn't catch Kentucky yet.