Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scott 1: Round 8

And we're back at the beginning! Let's's been so long since we've been with the Scotts. Last round, Tangerine continued to pour her heart and soul into her furniture store. Her efforts paid off, at least in one sense, when the store reached level 10. Her husband, Jack, sensing that his mother Emily did not have much time left, devised a plan to give her the last grandchild that she desperately wanted. Soon little Alan was born, and Tangerine was less than thrilled about having a son. Meanwhile, Tangerine sold off the first litter of kittens to various relatives and soon a new litter had joined the family.

Good morning, Topanga.

Topanga: Hi, mysterious voice.

So how long do you think these guys will stick around?

Topanga: I hope my mom doesn't sell them off again. We have enough money already.

Making breakfast?

Tangerine: No. I'm making pies.

At eight in the morning?

Tangerine: Today's opening day of my new business!

Here we go again...

So we're going from a furniture store to a bakery...I guess this means everyone in town is going to be walking around with cakes and pies instead of chairs and beds.

Topanga: Why does Mommy have to open up another store? I thought the first store was doing good.

Emily: Your mother wants to have 5 businesses that are at the top level. The one store wasn't enough.

Topanga: But does she have to have them all at the same time?

Technically, no. But knowing your mother, I wouldn't be surprised.

And it looks like Tranquility Bay Baked Goods is off to a rousing start...

Tangerine: Hi, Jack. Listen, you're a pretty good cook. Do you think you could come down and bake in the back for awhile so I can sell? What do you mean you have to work? This is our family business...

Yes, how dare Jack want to have an actual job that brings in money instead of working in stores that lose, on average, $2,000 a day...

Tangerine: Shut up, mysterious voice.

Mitch: Hi, there. You having a bake sale at school?

Tangerine: No. My mom's opening a bakery.

Mitch: Well, that sure seems like fun.

Tangerine: I guess so...

This family's going through groceries like I've never seen before.

Oh, good. The baby is still here. And I can see he's still in the cat room.

Emily: Lawrence and I are having contractors put a second story on the house soon, so he'll have his own bedroom upstairs.

Well, that's good.

Tangerine: Good kitty...

So are we keeping these?

Tangerine: No. I'll hang on to one of them for now, and Topanga can take it with her. The other one I'm selling. I just need to find someone to sell it to.

Well, at least Topanga gets to keep one of them.

Happy birthday, dear Topanga...

and Alan...

Well, we'll have to change your hair back, but otherwise not bad. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Topanga: Yup. I want to be a pleasure sim.

Any reason why?

Topanga: Because it seems like the farthest thing from fortune.

Ahh, I see.

And Alan's still a little cutie, too.

Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this already happen?

Jack: I got demoted, remember? The chance card?

Oh, right. Well, congratulations, again.

And I see all Alan needed was a new outfit.

Alan: Kitty be quiet!

Those contractors better show up soon. The cats are keeping the little guy up at night now.

And Topanga has an easy lifetime want! Unlike someone else in this house...

Emily: Come on, Alan. You can do it...

Tangerine busy at the bakery?

Emily: Not today. Today she's at the furniture store. It didn't make any money yesterday.

When has it ever made any money? It's a great day when that place breaks even.

Bronx: Yeah, I was looking for a new couch...

Um, Tangerine? Don't you think you should be at home with your son?

Tangerine: Hey, I'm building up this business so he can have a future.

Sure you are, Tangerine.

Topanga: Ow! Stupid knife.

At least somebody's trying to make dinner. Just don't set the kitchen on fire, ok?

Topanga: I'll try.

Oh, it looks like we have a buyer for Fini...I wonder who it is.

Joey Mendoza...well, he is Emily's grandson.

Emily: Do you mind, Joey? I'd rather see them go to family, and Tangerine's pretty much used up all of hers.

Joey: Sure, Grandma. I'm sure the kids will love her.

So I guess that means that Terri is yours.

Topanga: Yeah. I wish I could take her to college with me.

I know, but most dorms frown upon pets.

And I guess it's time for Topanga to start the dating game. I'll check up on these two later.

Emily: Joey, while you're here, I want you to have some other things. I just want to make sure that these go to...the right people.

Joey: Thanks, grandma!

I think Emily is preparing for something.

Tangerine: So, now that you're a bit older, I was thinking you could come down to the store on Saturdays to help out.

Topanga: I told you, Mom. I don't want anything to do with your store.

Tangerine: Listen, whether you like it or not these businesses are our life when you live in this house. And there's no way I'm going to have a kid who's old enough to help but doesn't. You're coming with me on Saturday.

What about the bakery?

Tangerine: I'm keeping the bakery closed on weekends, for now. Until I have a manager to work for me like at the other store.

Topanga: Are you ready to go upstairs and see your new room?

I guess the contractors finished!

Alan: No more kitties!

So, how'd the date with William go?

Topanga: Not so good. I'm calling someone else, though.

Who? You're the first house...

Oh, Ocean! I forgot he stayed behind.

Topanga: Hi, Ocean.

And these two have already been friends for awhile. That should make it easier.

And we've got our first couple!

Happy birthday, dear Alan...again...

And what a handsome young man!

Alan: Thanks, mysterious voice!

Say, why am I hearing ominous music?

Uh-oh. I think we have an unwelcome guest. Grimmy, don't you know its rude to crash a party?

Make that three unwelcome guests.

Bye, Emily.

These are only some of the people Emily left money to. Topanga did get some.

And now we've got a big room full of sad people, and cats.'s ok. I'm going to miss your grandma too.

Topanga: I just never thought it would actually happen!

Oh, good. Ocean's still here. I'll let him take over.

And now we're back at the bakery...

Toyota: Hi, I was thinking about picking up a cheesecake for my wife...

Wait, before this goes any further...Monica's not pregnant, is she?

Toyota: Um, not that I know of.

Ok, proceed.

Um...let's revert to fewer companies!

You'd think after the first time I'd remember...

Jack, it's not that bad.

Jack: How is it not that bad? My mother just died, I got demoted again, and my wife is too wrapped up in her stupid bakery to help take care of our kids.

Um...nothing's wrong with your dad.

I guess some dessert will help cheer you up. What are you doing with that match?

Jack: Just some showmanship.

But there's no one else in the kitchen!

Ready for your debut at the store tomorrow?

Topanga: No. I'm just glad I only have to go once.

Tangerine: Topanga, you could have dressed nicer.

Topanga: It's 6 in the morning, mom. You're lucky I'm awake.

Tangerine: I've been getting up this early every day to come here. Now come on, I'll show you your job for the day.

So what are you? Sales? Restock? Cleaning?

Topanga: None of the above. Mom has employees for all that. I'm a greeter.

A greeter?

Topanga: Yeah. I stand here all day and say "Welcome to Scott and Halpert Homewares" as everyone comes in.

I don't think that's an actual job.

Topanga: Whatever. It's easy. I don't want an actual job in this store.

So how did Topanga do?

Tangerine: Fine enough, I guess.

Now what are you looking at?

Tangerine: There's this great little restaurant for sale...

Shouldn't we wait and work on the bakery?

Tangerine: The bakery is already rank 5. It's halfway there. And these things take time.

No, in my world these things take time. In yours, it takes 5 seconds.

Um, congratulations, again...

Jack: Thanks.

Topanga: I'll see you when I graduate!

All ready for college, then?

Topanga: Just one more thing...

Wow, nice job. I guess you are ready. Ok, let me just do one quick sweep of the house...

Um, ok...Smokey's enchanted by the fly...

And it looks like round 9 is going to be a lot of fun.

Tangerine: Um, what is this?

You know, I'd love to stick around and explain it to you Tangerine. But I've really got to get going. See you next round, Scotts.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Ok, I admit, I cried a bit when Emily died. She was the first sim I created for this town. And I don't understand how a business can be rank 10 and make absolutely no money. So far, the furniture store has lost Tangerine about 30,000 simoleons. And Terri the cat is going with Topanga to her new house-there will finally be a Scott house number 2 in town!


Mrs. Stuffy said...

Great update and cute family! I hate when Sims die! I liked Sims 1 when you never had a clue it was coming! Now, we get to spend so much more time with them . . . then that bar sneaks so close to the right, YOU KNOW!

Rachel said...

I don't understand how Tangerine is surprised when she gets pregnant like she didn't do anything to make it happen.

ciyrose said...

I'm glad Topanga will get out of the house and get to live her own life. Businesses in this game confuse me. That's Hua-Ling's lifetime want too...although she isn't as CRAZY about it as Tangerine.